Nicolas Cage Sex Photos Stolen: We Hope They Were Burned

We have an odd love for the actor but we really kind of hope the Nicolas Cage sex photos that were stolen recently ended up in a fire. There are just some things we don’t want to accidentally see when we are trolling the web! Can you imagine seeing this face while he’s getting busy with his lady? We’re kind of terrified of the thought.

Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona: Source - 20th Century Fox
Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona: Source – 20th Century Fox

According to, the stolen Nicolas Cage photos showed the actor in intimate (cough) embrace with actress Christina Fulton, the mother of his rock musician son Weston. Cage is now married to his third wife, former waitress Alice Kim, the mother of his youngest son, Kal-El. The actor and his ex are not on the friendliest terms after she sued him for $13 million after he ordered her to vacate the house she was living in after they split. We’re sure this new debacle has not improved their relationship.

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Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint, Twerks Little Person on Stage at EMAs [VIDEO]

We have to be somewhat amazed that Amanda Bynes is currently undergoing psychiatric rehab and yet Miley Cyrus is allowed to roam free. We really don’t get why Miley Cyrus rubbing her groin on a giant furry or twerking a little person on stage is supposedly ‘normal’ when Amanda Bynes’ random behavior considered insane. Seriously, whatever drugs they think Amanda needs to be on — can we please have a double dose for Miley?

Miley Cyrus 5

Either Miley Cyrus has lost her mind or she honestly just is such an attention ***** that she’ll do the most offensive things she can think of just to prevent herself from fading out of the limelight. If her vulgar twerking and tongue wagging at the VMAs wasn’t enough, she went even more tawdry at Sunday night’s EMAs. Of course, it’s okay if Miley acts crazy because she’s still popular, wealthy and famous, unlike Amanda.

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant Press Coverage ‘Hurt Her Soul’

The Kim Kardashian pregnant media coverage was apparently so terrible that it hurt the reality TV star right down to her very soul. Speaking to Jay Leno, Kim said the negative press coverage “really changed me a lot” and she wants to live a “more private life” now. We have to laugh at that remark considering she was just basically sexting Kanye West in public on Twitter just a few days ago.

Kim Kardashian on Jay Leno - Source: NBC
Kim Kardashian on Jay Leno – Source: NBC

We aren’t sure what a “more private life” means to Kim Kardashian but we don’t think posting nearly naked photos of yourself with your T&A hanging out all over qualifies. If you don’t want negative media attention, then the best thing to do is probably to stay OUT of the media. Oh, wait, that’s the entirety of Kim Kardashian’s life isn’t it?

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Why Did Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Split Up?

Why did Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr split up? We are unreasonable sad about hearing the news of their impending divorce today. We’ve always thought the Lord of the Rings star and the beautiful former Victoria’s Secret model were such a delightful couple. They always glowed in photos and seemed like a happy, sweet pair who loved each other and doted on their sun.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Instagram
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr – Source: Instagram

 Alas, Hollywood is all about appearances and apparently their marriage wasn’t all roses and sunshine after all. A rep for the couple confirmed Friday that an Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr divorce is on the way. No explanation was given for why they have called it quits on their three year marriage.

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Pauly D Baby Custody War is ON: Baby Momma Wants Money!

DJ Pauly D baby
DJ Pauly D – Source: Wikimedia Commons

Former Jersey Shore star Pauly D only just learned he is a father to a baby daughter named Amabella but he’s already embroiled in a custody war! The poor Pauly D baby is only a few months old and already at the center of a bitter dispute between mommy and daddy. What’s at stake? A whole lot of cash and one poor kid’s future well-being.

Pauly D and his baby momma, Amanda Markert, reportedly met in Vegas and hooked up one liquor-filled night while he was working there as a DJ. The mom of baby Amabella filed court documents to establish paternity and Pauly D agreed to take a paternity test, which came back positive.

All went well to that point but that’s when things reportedly got nasty. According to, Pauly D doesn’t think his baby momma is fit to be a parent. Among his alleged complaints? His baby momma supposedly used to work at Hooters.

Plus, the former Jersey Shore star reportedly says that although he is willing to support the child financially, the baby’s mother is trying to milk him like she just won the lottery. Case in point? The photo TMZ obtained above showing baby Amabella posted with a wad of hundred dollar bills.

Pauly D and his baby mamma are now going at in court with both of them filing against each other. Pauly D reportedly wants some kind of custody of his love child, although we don’t know if he is seeking full custody or only partial. This is Pauly’s first child but his baby momma reportedly has at least one other kid.

Kim Kardashian Ass Photo Makes Us Sad For Baby North West

Now that Kim Kardashian has lost most of her baby weight, she’s back to posting half-naked photos of herself all over the Internet. In the latest selfie, the infamous Kim Kardashian ass is front and center along with a copious amount of side-boob.

Kim Kardashian - Source: Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Source: Instagram

Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West responded by announcing on Twitter that he was “HEADING HOME NOW” just to let us know publicly he was about to go hit that.

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How Many Baby Mommas Does Adrian Peterson Have?

We are still terribly sad over the news that Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old biological son Ty was murdered last week. We say biological son because Adrian reportedly had very little to do with the boy and only recently learned he sired the child a couple of months ago. Even sadder, it appears that there are a whole lot of other children out there who may have not even met their baby daddy either.

Adrian Peterson

Weirdly, the death of Adrian Peterson’s biological son has prompted several of his other baby mommas to come forward to spill the beans about his other “secret” children. One of the NFL star’s lovers claims that Adrian has a whole handful of other illegitimate children, according to

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