Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Finale Part One: The Final Two Revealed!

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finale part one is here and tonight we will learn which of the final three contestants will move on to compete for the grand prize to be announced next Sunday! Who got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 and who made the final two? Read on in our The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 recap to find out!

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finale part one is here and tonight we will learn which of the final three contestants will move on to compete for the grand prize! Who got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 and who made the final two? Read on in our The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 recap to find out!


Please stop reading here if you do not want The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 spoilers and do not want to know who was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice tonight!


Only three The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 cast members remain and one of them will be fired in the first 10 minutes of the show on Sunday night. Which of the remaining three — Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken or Aubrey O’Day — will make it to the top 2? Well, we have already heard some The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 spoilers about that, but you never know for sure if they are true or not until you see it for yourself.

On The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Sunday night, Donald Trump will fire one of the three remaining celebrities after having one final in-depth conversation with them. The remaining final two will then compete in a final challenge to determine who will be The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 winner. Who was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 this week and who will shine in the final challenge? Let’s get right on to our The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 live finale part one recap!

Here we go! The three finalists are in the board room with Donald Trump to please their case before the big man with the firing power. Clay Aiken tells Trump he has always been the strongest member of his team no matter what. Aubrey O’Day says she has always put 100% into every task. Trump jokes that Aubrey certainly has one fine “mouth piece.” Arsenio Hall apologizes for his often crude language but he is not running for office.

Donald Trump deliberates his choice and then goes into attack mode, telling Aubrey O’Day she is transparent and totally fired! Aubrey O’Day will NOT be in The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 final two! Aubrey O’Day leaves the boardroom and says “anyone that calls me transparent, then f*ck them!”

Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall are exuberant that Aubrey O’Day has been fired and they are the final two. Clay Aiken feels a sense of Deja Vu at being in the final two once again like he was on American Idol, but he tells Arsenio Hall he will not be willing to take second place this time!

Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken meet with Donald Trump at Lincoln center to learn about their last challenge. Ivanka tells Clay and Arsenio that each of them will have to put together a celebrity charity event and sell tickets as a fundraiser for the charity, as well as put together a 30 second charity awareness advertisement.

Donald Trump says each of the final two will get the chance to pick previously eliminated contestants to help them on their task. Arsenio Hall picks Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Teutul Sr. and Teresa Giudice. Clay Aiken chooses Penn Jillette, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider and, by default, Aubrey O’Day.

The winner of the final challenge will earn $250,000 for the charity of their choice in addition to any money raised through ticket sales.

Clay Aiken will be playing for The National Inclusion Foundation he helped found, which helps kids with disabilities to do things which normally they would not be able to participate in. His theme, which Aubrey O’Day comes up with, is doing a carnival.

Arsenio Hall will be playing for The Magic Johnson foundation and he wants to do a comedy event, but Lisa Lampanelli and Adam Carolla don’t think it will be family friendly enough. They end up doing an 80’s comedy theme complete with silly 80’s costumes.

Both teams are throwing their parties at a giant warehouse side by side in one enormous room.

Arsenio Hall leaves the decorating up to Lisa Lampanelli and doesn’t seem to care what she does. Teresa Guidice works on the menu with the caterer, picking not so popular choices for dining like a tartar and pork dishes.

On Clay Aiken’s team, Aubrey O’Day is doing the decorating and she reviews the ideas with him. She wants everyone to dress like a clown, but Clay doesn’t like the idea. She also wants to paint the room blue, but he thinks it will just be a mess and says no. Aubrey is angry that Clay is not appreciating her vision. Debbie Gibson says there is a mural artist in her family that can get the painting done.

Clay and Penn go to the park to film their ad but it smells horrible and they can’t stand it. Debbie calls to tell them there is a problem with the wall painting. Clay, Penn and Dee decide to find another area to film the ad.

Arsenio’s team is dressed up in 80’s clothes for the ad and Arsenio loves the shooting location. Lisa thinks the shoot is going well and Arsenio might stand a chance at winning. They have to coordinate shooting the team members and Magic Johnson in different time zones.

Clay is freaked out as they cannot find a location to shoot their ad and after being rejected to use a baseball field, Clay says they are down to plan ‘F’ as in ‘f*cked’. Finally Penn finds a spot in a grassy area below a housing authority project and they start filming with the kids.

Arsenio and Adam go to edit the ad while Arsenio instructs the rest of the team to get back to calling people and raising money.

Now Clay is in the editing room with Dee and Penn. Clay has got to get the fundraising into high gear. Clay is shocked when Lisa Lampanelli calls him and says she is going to bring him a donation check and she is going to come to his event. Clay cannot believe Lisa would betray Arsenio when she is supposed to be on his team. (I believe it.)

Arsenio and Adam are still waiting for the Magic Johnson portion of the ad to come in and Adam is worried. Clay is trying to get the music done and Penn is worried about the state of mind he is in. Debbie is annoyed that she thinks Clay has pushed her aside from the tasks she was delegated to do.


Debbie is angry because Clay won’t let the wall mural be painted unless he sees a sketch of it first. Debbie says she asked a family member to do it and she is a professional; she feels uncomfortable asking for a sketch and then maybe having Clay turn it down because he doesn’t like it. Aubrey thinks Clay is being too overly dramatic about it and Debbie is upset. Clay says he is not going to have it done if he can’t see a sketch because he is going to be judged on it.

Arsenio and Adam receive the Magic Johnson footage and it is a disaster! The footage is unusable and Adam is upset that his filming people have let down Arsenio. Arsenio is freaked because he can’t use the footage and he’s in trouble.


Well, that’s all we are going to get tonight, so we’ll just have to wait until next week to see what happens on The Celebrity Apprentice finale part two!


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