Charlie Sheen offers cash incentives for applause

It seems like Charlie Sheen‘s old habit of paying people to love him extends far beyond the context of prostitutes – now he’s paying his audience to applaud.  Charlie had a rough night on Friday during his first show in New York, where the audience was back to their old heckling and booing routine.  As a result, ticket prices for the second show plummeted, and Charlie decided to improvise with the audience instead of sticking to his script.

Audience members at the second show started out hostile, but when one man asked Charlie for money, he reached into a bag, pulled out a wad of cash, and gave the man $100, asking, “will you applaud for me now?”  The crowd erupted in cheers, and Sheen was given a standing ovation at the end.

One thought on “Charlie Sheen offers cash incentives for applause”

  1. Dear Charlie Sheen, and All Who Clap and Cheer For Him,
    Claiming you are “Winning” does not automatically make you a winner. Neither does having a lot of money, being a celebrity, bragging about drug and prostitute use, degrading the mothers of your children, and so forth. A true winner generates and creates positive and constructive energy which produces truly positive and constructive results. True winners lead their words and deeds with high values, compassion and love. This enhances one’s own life, AND the lives of others. This is what makes a genuine winner. There is nothing positive or productive about leading an audience in a chant of filthy words directed in hate at another. Nor in spouting these filthy words with each sentence you speak. Nor in bragging about drug and prostitute use. And there is certainly nothing positive or winning about receiving a standing ovation or a big pile of money for actions such as these. Not only are these negative behaviors an embarrassment to your own character, yet also to the characters of all who clap for such low-level nonsense.
    You, and all who feel like clapping or cheering for your negative ways need to wake up your consciousness to the attitudes and behaviors you are choosing. These are what guides your life and develops the person you are, and are still to become. Consciously ignoring your own destructive ways restricts your true ability to attract and create positive outcomes and genuine successes of any kind. Instead, the agitated and hositle energy (you call “passion)generated from your habitual low-level thinking and response will only attract more misery and suffering your way. Even if you don’t consciously think you are miserable or suffering. Read my book, Charlie, and WAKE UP. Before your negative ways totally destroy yourself, and those who follow in your ways. Sincerely, Suzanne Joyce, author of “Discover The Power To Create Miracles and Good Fortune In Your Life!”

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