Christian Rock Singer Dana Key Dead at 56

Christian rock guitarist and singer Dana Key died Sunday at the age of 56 from complications of a ruptured blood clot.  Key was the co-founder of the Christian rock group DeGarmo & Key with keyboardist Eddie DeGarmo.

Dana Key SF

Singer Todd Agnew posted news of Dana Key’s death on his website on Monday. “Dana Key took that last step to the promised land last night. Right now, his God, his Father, his Savior is filling every promise He made. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but Dana deserved it,” Agnew said.

Singer-songwriter Joy Whitlock also posted the news of Key’s passing to fans on her Twitter page. “Dana Key, my pastor, and also a member of legendary Christian rock band, DeGarmo and Key, passed away last night.”

Since retiring from the music world, Key had been serving as the pastor of a small church in Cordova, Tennessee.

Todd Agnew asked fans to please “be praying for [Key’s] wife Anita and her children… Dana was a man of God. Before he was a musician, he was a minister. And before he was a minister, he was God’s child. He will be missed.”

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