Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough May Be Leaving For Good


According to backstage buzz at Dancing With the Star, newly crowned fourth-time champion pro Derek Hough may be leaving the show again — for good this time. Maybe Derek is just bored at winning all the time now that he has yet another Mirrorball Trophy under his belt.

There is no question that Derek Hough and Kellie Picker were the belles of the Dancing With the Stars 2013 ball this season. They were frontrunner favorites from the moment they first hit the dance floor.

While it was kind of amazing at first to see the former American Idol finalist and the handsome dance pro sweep away the competition every week, it actually started to get a bit predictably boring there toward the end.

And maybe Derek is just bored with the whole thing at this point too. Or maybe he just feels like he’s better than just being a handsome attachment to a C-List celebrity on DWTS.

“Derek has always wanted to eventually get back to the stage or other kinds of TV projects and even films,” an insider at Dancing With the Stars reportedly said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “I know he’s had lots of offers. This seems like the right time for him to pursue all that.”

Let’s hope those “other kinds” of projects are at least a bit meatier this time around than playing an uncredited role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or a stereotypically-cast dancer in a Norwegian film with the most generic plotline imaginable.

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  1. As much as I would miss Derek he has the right to move on with all his talent. From the first night to the last I loved every minute of it.

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