Deathly Hallows set to be dark end to Potter movies

After three months of waiting, we finally have another trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, the first half of the last installment of the Harry Potter movies.  And the trailer certainly doesn’t disappoint – it looks as dark and ominous as the book, and although there are clearly a lot of special effects (as one expects from a movie about magic), there also seems to be a lot of focus on the story, so that’s a positive sign.  I’m a little disappointed that they’ve split the movie into two, but that’s just because I’m cynical and I think the only reason they’ve done it is to milk profits out of us for another year.  If they manage to keep the audience engaged throughout an entire two-part feature, then I’ll withdraw my complaint.  It kind of makes you wonder, though, if they’ve forgotten that the original target audience was supposed to be children.  The new, full-length trailer: Harry Potter trailer

2 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows set to be dark end to Potter movies”

  1. Dont you think the target audience may have grown with the children of the first film, like myself. But also they have to followcthe tone of the books which you have said is dark.

  2. here is the thing. With age comes new meaning. Sure the first 3 films seemed full of adventure for little kids, but little kids grow up. And so does the movies and books.Going from Goblet on it’s gotten much darker and seems to be more delightfully associated with the book. So I mean, sure you could try to get new little kids, but the ones who grew up with the characters are the real audience.

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