Glee Spinoff With Lea Michele and Chris Colfer? Say It Is So!

Gleeks rejoice! Lea Michelle has reportedly signed up for a Glee spinoff series focused around her character’s road to stardom. The series will also allegedly star some of our other favorite Glee characters, including Chris Colfer as Kurt and possibly Naya Rivera as Santana. Other fan favorite characters may also appear on the show in guest roles.

Glee cast

A source reportedly told Radar Online the Glee spinoff series will be announced soon. This news comes on the heels of creator Ryan Murphy’s announcement that Glee will end in 2015 after the conclusion of the sixth season.

“They’re making the deals now and it also presents a viable exit plan for the main Glee series itself,” the source allegedly said. A Glee spinoff was previously considered back in 2011 to tell the stories of some of the graduating seniors, including Rachel, Kurt and Finn (the late Cory Monteith). At the time, it was decided to fold their stories into the main series instead.

We are the first to admit that Glee has been going downhill the past season or so. The storylines have become shallow, the dialogue has been reduced to a few trite phrases between disjointed songs. Even some of our most beloved characters have started to wear on us because they just won’t grow up.

Even so, we’re excited by the prospect of a Glee spinoff series because we just aren’t ready to give up on our most beloved McKinley High alumni. We don’t really expect such a series, if it happens, to last very long. Doesn’t matter, we’ll take whatever we can get, no matter how cheesy, just to keep the spirit of Glee alive a little longer.

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