God Tells Tim Tebow to Leave Denver Broncos

Obviously, God is giving Tim Tebow a flashing sign that it’s time to move on to more holy NFL pastures. Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has decided to pick the Denver Broncos as his next home in the NFL, and that leaves no room for current QB Tim Tebow on the roster. Since Tim Tebow is famous for believing all his actions on the football field are guided by God, it seems the message is clear.

Tim Tebow, God would like you to leave Denver now.

So now that Peyton Manning is in at the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow is so obviously out, where will the Christian quarterback who puts down his knee to God every time something good happens on the field go? After all, Tim Tebow is really more famous in the NFL for his Tebowing meme status than for being a truly spectacular football quarterback.

Granted, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow did lead the Denver Broncos to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers last season. However, many sports critics frankly think that really was some kind of a miracle considering Tebow’s stats. Let’s see, Peyton Manning was sacked 21 times on 1,399 dropbacks since 2009, according to ESPN. Tim Tebow was sacked 24 times on 293 dropbacks just in 2011. Hmmmmmmm. God apparently also likes to see Tim Tebow get sacked. A LOT.

So what is the current Tim Trebow trade value? Well, former NFL football general manager Charley Casserly told USA Today he didn’t think it was very high. “I’d be surprised if there is much of a trade value for him,” Casserly said. “I think it’s true that he could move the ball in the Denver offense, but if you break down the majority of his games, he didn’t throw the ball well. Coming out, there wasn’t a lot of interest in him, and that’s usually a pretty good indicator of trade value down the road.

“I’d be surprised if he went for much better than a fifth rounder.”

Ouch! Well, perhaps Tim Tebow and his mass of God-fearing fans would be better appreciated in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Considering the Jacksonville Jaguars have trouble getting the fans into the stadium and lack any real star power on the field, the team would do well to try hard to land the young quarterback and his screaming horde of the lord.  Still, the Jaguars already signed Chad Henne and have Blaine Gabbert from the draft last season.

If not Jacksonville, where does God want Tim Tebow to go? Well, he might still end up in Florida if the Miami Dolphins decide to make a pass for the popular quarterback. The Dolphins tried to land Peyton Manning and were summarily dismissed. Grabbing on to Tim Tebow might be their way of trying to recover a bit from being dissed by Manning.

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