Guillermo Del Toro in a lose/lose situation

Director Guillermo Del Toro took a chance on a vision, and it seems it hasn’t worked out for him.  He walked out on The Hobbit films when MGM’s bankruptcy issues cause the project to stall.  He decided he wanted to make a new kind of horror movie that combined slick 3D effects with the whole indie vibe that true horror lovers really go for.

The movie was going to be an adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness.  Tom Cruise was slated in the starring role.  Unfortunately, Universal Studios has shut down the project for good, just as The Hobbit movies are starting to be filmed.  Universal’s argument is that while Del Toro is a good director, right now the studio has to concentrate on real money-makers, and since the Del Toro has made critically acclaimed films that have under-performed at the box office, they’re not willing to take a chance on a new film by him at his time.

2 thoughts on “Guillermo Del Toro in a lose/lose situation”

  1. Movies are now a business…

    How come we have tranformers 3 or Pirates of the caribbean 4, At the begging Green lantern
    looked promising but now i dont know, iam getting tired of spiderman movies ill stick to comic books, none the less they get green light and ATMOM not
    between those i would watch Mountain of Madness ok Rated R,It is something different But what about the video Games industry they have this code M for mature that no one cares about kids still buy those games. If a Director wants full control of a movie they deny it because its risky, why because hollwood does not care about movies anymore they care about the money involved. I think this movie would become a blockbuster even a classic if it is made …

  2. Movies have always been a business. I know there is a revisionist history in order to try to elevate movies into some sort of holy art, but really they’ve always been big business.

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