James Durbin Eliminated from American Idol, Fans Pissed

James Durbin fans are outraged and pissed off that he was eliminated from American Idol last night. Many had considered James Durbin the front-runner to take home the top prize on American Idol since former favorite Pia Toscano was booted off.

Even the other American Idol contestants seemed shocked all to hell by the elimination of James Durbin. Scotty McCreery looked like he was about to pass out on stage after finding out he had beaten out Durbin to join the top three. On Facebook, on Twitter, on forums and in comments sections across the Net, American Idol viewers are outraged and angry at Durbin getting the boot. Fans of the remaining top three, of course, call all this complaining sour grapes and point out that if everyone loved him so much, why did he lose the vote?

All is not lost for James Durbin fans, however. Let’s not forget though that in seasons past, it has not always been the winner who eventually rose to be the star of their season. Oh, you know, like Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson for example?

There was the usual outcry of voting manipulation, especially with the new online voting option this season. Of course, we’ve had plenty of those accussations before when favorites have suddenly been booted off, but we’ll never know if there is any truth to the conspiracy theories.

We do know, however, that James Durbin will probably do just fine as the fourth place runner-up on American Idol this season. He still gets to go on tour. He will undoubtably have multiple recording offers to choose from. And hopefully, without having the burden of being the American Idol winner, he’ll actually get to make music that doesn’t suck.

We can hope!

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35 thoughts on “James Durbin Eliminated from American Idol, Fans Pissed”

  1. How many times do i have to tell every one even on twitter,That James was cheated.I was voting for #1 james on a redial it switched and said thanks for voting for #3.I had to start over and put intire number in to dial #1.SOME HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO??WHO WAS #3.I HAVE WATCHED THIS SHOW FROM THE BEGINNING AND ALWAYS TRUSTED THE VOTE NOT ANYMORE.I MAY QUIT WATCHING ALL TO GETHER.WHAT A SCAM

  2. James, the arogant, self-absorbed, rock star wannabe. He was sent packing because HE sucked! Nothin but scream 9, in tune 1….not good enough! Then after getting the boot, is he gracious?….no, is he humble?….no. He displayed what a bad sport he is. I never saw a contestant so full of himself!

  3. What the hell is the matter with America? Come on! This is an absolute travesty of justice! James Durbin should have won the entire thing – PERIOD! He has more talent than any of the remaining 3, not to mention all who left before him (excluding Pia Toscano).

    Haley should have been voted off last night due to her snarky attitude the night before and her poor performance.

    However, James is already the victor and will undoubtedly receive many recording contracts to pick from.

  4. James did not deserve to go home and to me it was J-LO and Randy fault for giving Hayley a hard time with her song which gave her sympathy votes. Also One of James numbers wasn’t working properly anyone who is bashing James needs to get there head in geer bashing these contestants are not going to help your favourites it will make things worse for them since we are the ones going out there and purchasing the cds.

    How can someone who hasn’t been in the bottom all these months suddenly just get out like that?

    Something isn’t right or someone is screwing with the idol fans.

  5. I have to agree with Carol. James is definately a rock star wannabee and the biggest male cry baby I’ve ever seen on AI. I said from the beginning it was going to be between Lorne and Scotty…I think the ppl who are James fans are tone deaf!!!!

  6. I have to agree with Carol. James is definately a rock star wannabee and the biggest male cry baby I’ve ever seen on AI. I said from the beginning it was going to be between Lorne and Scotty…I think the ppl who are James fans are tone deaf!!!!

  7. James Durbin has been the only one who week after week gave a performance worth listening to. I will have to watch something else now on Wednesday and Thursday because who should have won the show was voted off. What a big mistake to vote off such a good singer.

  8. James Durbin has been the only one who week after week gave a performance worth listening to. I will have to watch something else now on Wednesday and Thursday because who should have won the show was voted off. What a big mistake to vote off such a good singer. Hope there is not another mistake next season. I won’t know because I have no intention of watching.

  9. What a outrage, how could James have been voted off. He cried because he was in shock. He gave stellar performances throughout the season. America, not sure if you are voting for talent or something else. Is this not about singing ability? I am sure that he will make and as far as who wins, they will probably produce one song and you will never hear from them again. I will never watch American Idol again, what a scam.

  10. James was very upset last night and thats how he reacted to the news…How I enterpreted it was that he put everything he had on the line. He has a lot of issues and emotional upsets are one of the symptons of the disease….He was a very well mannered and respectful guy the whole season…..It would have been one of the best finales having James & Haley in it……

    He will do just fine I’m sure but it just pisses me off that it happened now, even if he didn’t win, I just wanted him in the finale….

  11. Carol – Your ignorance is terrible. He never displayed any “the arogant, self-absorbed, rock star wannabe” acts. He was a great singer. He proclaimed his wife and his son were his reason. How was he arrogant? You can’t even spell the word. Of course he was upset when he was eliminated, he wanted it! If you just got your dreams crushed would you be thinking “I got to stay humble?” Probably not. All he said was that he was upset, and that he worked for it.

  12. James should not have been voted off. Something very wrong happened here. As some bloggers said…the voting wasn’t working properly. A blogger voted for #1 and #3 got the votes. American Idol should look into this. Scotty, I’m getting really sick of your country songs each week. It’s getting boring. Haley, you’re really not very good. Big Mistake. Too bad. James should have won it.

  13. i cant believe that james was booted off he is a great singer he knows what he was doing every week with different tecknique the american don’t know about a good performer sorry the fan should voted for him you crushed his dream he was rally good.iam and all my friends are very disapointed.


  15. It was a true heartache to watch James last night as he was voted off American Idol. My 27 yr daughter has Tourette’s and for her watching him over these weeks he was an inspiration to her. He is a true star in our eyes and was not in this for just the fame but his heart was in it totally. God Bless you James and YOU WILL do better than American Idol!!!!

  16. I was so pissed, i could not belived it! I could totaly care less who wins now! I will not watch AL again!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve read other places where fans are saying that they tried to vote for James and couldn’t get through. And other fans on other sites are saying they got forwarded to another contestant’s “vote”. Idol should look into this. There is no way James who has never been in the bottom 3 all of a sudden became the least popular. Especially after his good performances 2 nights ago. Unbelievable. He was the best of the lot – actually I don’t really care who wins now. I’m still in shock and I’m glad to see there are so many others who feel like me. I hope that James will be totally successful in his musical career – maybe he doesn’t need Idol.

  18. I can’t believe James was voted off he was undoubtedly the best of the season. There has to be a mistake. I know he’ll do great things as a singer and I can’t wait to buy his cd. What I can say is I am done with watching idol this year.

  19. I really believe there was some sort of vote manipulation. I called and got one vote then busy
    after registering my one vote. I agree with an earlier post how can you be on top all season and then with one show be booted off. I am a constant poll watcher and James was ahead on all polls and Lauren was at the bottom…so what’s up with that?
    This is all crazy. If you have to cheat to win or to get a winner what does that say about the venue??
    I feel sorry for james because he poured his heart out on the stage for the fans.

  20. James … if you are reading this, know that you were taken for a ride! Each of your performances were flawless.

    If anyone can put rock back on the charts again, you are the one to do it.

    I am 75 yo and definitely not a rocker, but you have earned my respect as the consummate performer.

    Hang in there, buddy; your goal is still within reach and you have a lot of fans counting on you.

  21. i wonder why someone whos has not been on the bottom from from the beginning suddenly become voted off? what wrong people.

  22. my husband and i was so shock, i was crying last night when i heard it, though i have read it in the net earlier, but i was hoping that it was just a mistake.. we we’re betting for james to sing the finale i dont wanna miss a thing.. but after last night, there were no more interest in watching the show.. i just felt that GOD has something more for james durbin, maybe it has some reason, we may not know it now, but sooner we’ll know that something better is waiting for james, maybe being voted of at this point is the start of james durbin fame.. we like you james, my husband, may 2 yr old daughter watch your every performance. you will always be the best for my family.. GOD BLESS YOU james..

  23. I have a tough time believing some people who have left messages are avid Idol watchers. They don’t add up the votes from one week to the other so THAT is why someone who hasn’t been in the bottom can be voted off just like that. What happens one week has nothing to do with the next. I don’t know about that whole contestant one and contestant three business but if that really happened then that should definitely be looked into. Otherwise, its the name of the game and who really cares. He will do well. Plus, he doesn’t really care if you voted for him as long as you buy his album. Let’s be honest.

  24. As a parent of a child with autism I know what it has taken for James to get where he is. He is a role model for all children on the autism spectrum. If you know anything about autism it is very hard to control your emotions. JAMES YOU DID US PROUD! My 8 year old daughter cried for 20 minutes. My husband and I even got teary. I want to give a big shout out to James wife. You are an angel. Not many people can see past the symptoms of autism and terrets to get to the person on the inside. I wish you and your family the best. James you are such an inspiration. As far as our family goes you are “Our American Idol”. God Bless You.

  25. I am still pissed off that someone like James all of a sudden got voted off and gave flawless performances each and every week but,imagine he will have records deals and go far as for the remaining 3 I sincerly hope that one of the girls wins and Scotty goes home how boring is he and all he can sing is country yawn so all the best to you James I know you will have a recording contract and be like the rest of the non winners that didnt win go far

  26. I Just want to add as for now I am never watching Idol again and will find something elese to watch now on Wednesdays and Thursdays and very dissapointed that people are voting for popularity and not talent too bad

  27. Am I the only one who thinks that Haley was the one who should have gone home…she growls thru every song she sings, and cant handle constructive critisism, behaves like a spoiled child when she dets some, personally I hope that all of James fans vote for Lauren next week and get Haley off the show

  28. I think the last 2 should have been Pia and James or scotty and never did think Haley was worth our time.

  29. carol, i agree with you 100%.james is so boastful and proud..i didn’t see any humility in him when he was eliminated..since day 1 i felt that he’s always depending on sympathy votes for his so called “misfortunes”..

    he has a talent, yes, but im so tired and irritated with his screaming..he always tries to incorporate this in every song he sung trying to impress the crowd..and he’s not original too..his style is a little improvised version of adam lambert’s..he really should go home..

    lauren is way more versatile than him..sorry to his fans…just my two cents.

  30. Haley, you just insulted everyone with Autism. You should wake up tomorrow with it, then you would know what it’s like to be bullied. I’m 64, have autism and I think James is the best.

  31. I just wish people would have realized that James was not cocky or arrogant….He was just performing to the best of his ability and he was very entertaining. He played to his audience and I for one can’t wait to see him in concert and I know one day soon he will be performing….I will buy his CD and I will go see him perform….It would be a cold day in hell if I spent one cent on Scotty;s CD or watch him perform……He is boring….He is no Carrie U or even a Kelli Pickler….Sorry Scotty fans but that how I feel….When I pay money, I want to see a live, upbeat show not a sleeper……JMHO…..I will always support James and his music….

  32. People…We KNOW what really happened last Wednesday and why James got ousted by American Idol. According to autismkey.com and gather.com when the singing order of the contestants was changed they did not change the voting numbers therefore resulting in misdirected voting. american idol, you need to fix this. YES we are outraged that you would let this happen. Bring him back and give him a chance, be fair, listen to the people that watch American Idol. We have done our homework and KNOW the real reason and its here on this comment.

  33. American Idol needs to bring James back and make it fair for everyone. I have a hard time with James never being in the bottom and always singing his heart out. He did a GREAT job evey time. Wake up American Idol, I for one will not watch it anymore.

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