Jennifer Aniston Will Change Her Name to Jennifer Theroux

Jennifer Aniston will change her name to Jennifer Theroux. Jennifer Aniston is getting ready to marry her screenwriter fiancé, Justin Theroux, and it must be the real deal because Jennifer has decided to take on Justin’s last name after they wed! This will be Jen’s second wedding, and some are left wondering why she didn’t take Brad Pitt’s last name after they got married. The intimate Theroux wedding will most likely take place after Jennifer is done filming her latest movie. Why else does the last name Theroux appeal to Jennifer?

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux 1

The Horrible Bosses actress is keen on the name change because she likes the way it rolls of the tongue, according to reports.‘She likes the way it sounds and jokes that Jennifer Theroux sounds very posh,’ a source told People magazine. It is unclear whether Jennifer will take the name both personally and professionally or whether she will continue to go under the name Aniston in her work projects.

The magazine also states that the couple plan to wed ‘soon after’ Jen, 44, wraps on her current film project and already has the dress and rings picked out.

‘It will be a small affair with their closest friends,’ a source said.

The couple, who got engaged in August, plan to marry ‘soon after’ her current film wraps on March 8.

The Friends star ‘is crazy about Justin and can’t wait to be his wife,’ the source told People.