Justin Bieber Naked Serenade to Grandma? Amanda Bynes Would Be Proud

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Frankly, when we heard a naked Justin Bieber serenaded his grandma on Thanksgiving — and then allowed photos of this to be taken and leaked onto the web — we couldn’t help but think Amanda Bynes would be proud. This is just the kind of whacked out thing we’d imagine she would think is hilarious.

Honestly, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes should just all form a rap band and go on tour as a demonstration of just how f**ked being a celebrity can make some people. Yes, we hear you screaming at us, Justin Bieber lovers. Get over it. This is a guy who pees into mop buckets in restaurant kitchens when he is drunk, assaults people and spits on them when he is annoyed, and thinks rubbing his naked junk all over his guitar while singing to his grandma at a family gathering is appropriate behavior.

We aren’t going to post the naked Justin Bieber photos here because he was barely over 18 when he posed for whatever family member decided to take pictures of him humping a guitar nude in front of his grandma. We’ll let TMZ walk that fine line of child p*rn instead. So go feel free to get an eyeful over there if you are so inclined.

Justin’s grandmother reportedly played along that she was amused before begging him to put on some damn pants. Apparently the family thought it was amusing enough that they took a bunch of photos of naked Justin Bieber stroking his “wood” for grandma. And then one of them sold them off to TMZ to rake in some cash. If this is how his family behaves, maybe it is no wonder Justin seems to have trouble with acting out like an idiot.

Our advice to Justin Bieber, naked or not, is to get a clue that making headlines on TMZ next to Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes for acting like a crazy weirdo is not cool, it’s creepy. Justin’s behaviour the past few years just seems more and more desperate for attention in all the wrong ways. We can only hope, for his sake, that he won’t end up the next young star in rehab, a psych ward, or a morgue.

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