Lindsay Lohan scared for her safety

The man who has been obsessed with Lindsay Lohan has stepped up his pursuit of her another notch, probably because she’s been in the news so often and he can’t get his mind off her, and frankly Lindsay is a little freaked out.  Lindsay told her Twitter followers that the man has been threatening via text message to kill her, and that he’s been showing up on her property unannounced and uninvited.

This has been going on for four years, but recently the man has intensified his quest for Lindsay, sending her bizarre presents and bombarding her phone with text messages.  Lindsay has appealed to the police for help, and hopefully this creep will be kept away.

One thought on “Lindsay Lohan scared for her safety”

  1. That is so scary. And how does this guy have her cell phone number? Don’t you think she would have changed it?

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