Looks Like It’s Over

Rumors are getting louder that Madonna will split from husband Guy Ritchie at the end of her “Sticky and Sweet” world tour. Madge and Guy have reportedly decided to end their seven-year marriage but won’t make an announcement until her tour finishes in Mexico November 29.

Snarkista told you a while back that this was probably coming.. A source close to the couple told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper:

“Although the marriage is coming to an end, they don’t want to say anything until the tour is over. They live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife and thought it best to call it a day. There’s been speculation about them having furious fights, but they have just grown apart. They’ve decided they’re better off as friends. It’s sad, but they’re determined to keep it amicable.

Madonna, 49, is said to be planning to split her time between her properties in London, New York and Los Angeles after the separation. Her New York apartment is being extended and renovated to accommodate her children and staff. No word on what type of custody arrangement would be agreed upon for the three kids they raise- Lourdes, 11, Rocco, seven, and two-year-old David, whose adoption was just recently finalized.

Madonna is also said to be crushed that her brother Christopher is writing an explosive book on the singer’s sex and drug-fueled past, which he claims is the cause of the failed marriage. A source close to the singer said: “Madonna is very saddened by Christopher’s behavior. As far as she’s concerned her brother going public is the ultimate betrayal. He can’t need the money that badly.”

Christopher’s just following the blueprint Madonna herself laid out long ago- that exploitation is an easy road to riches. She’s spent a career exploiting her image and personal life, and it seems Christopher is just following the map.

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  1. So, uh, marriages aren’t supposed to last if you become “just friends”. That’s the best time to be married. And as for her brother, I’m with you, he’s just following her example.

  2. Does this mean she’ll stop using her fake accent? Oh the horror. Maybe she’ll meet a nice Indian fellow and pick up a new voice!

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