Mariah Carey pregnant with twins

Mariah Carey is not only spawning, but there will be two mini-Mariahs to contend with soon.  Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, announced on the radio that they’re actually expecting twins, but he stopped short of revealing the sex of the twins.

Nick said that they had delayed reporting the pregnancy and the expectation of twins because they were trying to keep things low key after Mariah suffered a miscarriage back in 2008.  Nonetheless, Nick says that the twins are in perfect health, and that the doctors expect the pregnancy to continue without any problems.  Mariah is due sometime in the spring, though the exact date is still a secret.

9 thoughts on “Mariah Carey pregnant with twins”

  1. Congrats! She has most definitely ballooned up though. She might want to watch what she eats with these babies. eating too much can be just as dangerous as not eating enough

  2. Congrats on the happy, happy news! 🙂 Caren, you’re a major B#@ch. Mariah looks amazing. Stop hatin’ you only wish you could be that fabulous.

  3. Congrats to them on the baby and she looks great but Caren is right its dangerous for her and the babies if she eats to much and gains to much weight that’s why doctors tell you how much weight to gain

  4. Am very happy for you Mariah, forever happy in love , your music is great! God bless you in your new roll as. Mon.!

  5. wow mariah pregnant forreal ??? Dam she was my fav singer now she gains alot of weight I knw she pregnant and all but don’t prey Mariah ur nt alone u gt al these ppl that getting pregant. And I am 2 months pregnant yes boo I am two monhs going onrh third on the 19th 😉

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