Mila Kunis And Olly Murs Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment, Video

Mila Kunis and Olly Murs embarrassing pregnancy moment, video below.  Friday’s The Graham Norton Show, featuring Mila Kunis took an interesting turn when the host revealed that fellow guest, British singer Olly Murs, had previously said he wanted to get her pregnant. Norton showed a Twitter post in which a follower asked Murs which celebrity he’d most like to have his babies, and the singer responded “Mila Kunis.”


Kunis was momentarily taken aback by the revelation, but quickly recovered and laughed it off, saying it was “flattering.” Murs, for his part, was mortified, explaining, “I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would actually meet her!” And then the cheeky Essex native took it one step further, testing the waters, saying: ‘Though Olly and Mila has a great ring to it.’

The 29-year-old Hollywood starlet clearly didn’t know how to handle the situation, merely saying: ‘This is so flattering.’ Mila might be dating Ashton Kutcher, but that didn’t stop Graham from naughtily revealing the information to the entire nation.

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