Mom Singing Makes Baby Cry Video Makes Us Teary Too

We just could not help tearing up when we watched this emotional baby video that seems to have gone viral overnight. We first saw it on Facebook being passed around by a friend and now it’s everywhere — with good reason. We have never seen such expressive, amazing emotional empathy for a piece of music from anyone, much less a tiny 10-month-old baby!

mom singing emotional baby video

At first, little baby Mary-Lynn Leroux smiles when momma Amanda begins singing “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart, recently covered by country singer Sara Evans. Quickly though, the baby girl is caught up in the song and tears well up in her eyes. But this sweet baby girl isn’t sad or crying because she doesn’t like the music. She smiles every time mom takes a long breath but then tears up again and makes the most incredibly emotive faces when mom is singing.

It’s like this emotional baby is enraptured by the sound of her mother’s lovely voice. Kind of reminds us of what we feel like when you first hear a song that just reaches down and grabs your soul and yanks at it.

When mom Amanda is done singing (and someone should sign her up for The Voice!), baby Mary-Lynn sniffles and rubs her eyes. “Awww, you feel the pain in the song, yeah honey?” mom asks. Mary-Lynn giggles a tiny bit as mom tells her it’s all okay and “it’s just a song” and that “Mommy’s done.”

Baby Mary-Lynn’s grandmother says in a comment on YouTube that the emotional baby video “breaks my heart every time I look at her.” She thinks maybe her daughter’s baby girl “will probably be an actress one day.”

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