New Kids On The Block Swear Their Cruise Won’t Be Cheesy

The Old New Kids On The Block are joining the ranks of Z-list performers who populate cruises everywhere! NKOTB want you to know that they’re still cool, though, and THEIR cruise will be the bomb…not A bomb. The boys, desperate to regain relevance, are hoping that you will wanna hop on the boat with them and kick it like you did in the ’80’s.

Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jonathan and Jordan Knight announced their plans to People magazine to hit the high seas for a concert cruise from May 15-18. Watch the video here!

The ride will be traveling from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to the Bahamas, and the dudes will entertain fans on board with special performances and meet and greets. Tickets go on sale tomorrow on their website. Jokes McIntyre: “We’re not going to be drinking pina coladas, we’ll be serving them!” Ah, yes. The ever-hip drink pina colada. You’d never catch Marky-Mark drinking that shizz! Anchors away!

6 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block Swear Their Cruise Won’t Be Cheesy”

  1. I cannot wait for this one! I love all the photos of them recently! They sure have grown up from when I used to jam along with the tape! My fav was The Right Stuff!!

  2. I don’t understand why everyone is claiming this cruise is going to be cheezy! I haven’t heard claims of John Mayer’s being cheezy. Plus, his didn’t sell out in 24 hours. So, obviously they are filling a demand. I am one that will be on that ship! I can’t wait, and I hope everyone that’s claiming this is a bad move is proven wrong yet again.

  3. Would of loved to have got them tickets for my girl as a surprize but now I think its all sold out they better keep doing them tours also & more cruises!

  4. Man I wish I was on vacation. After a few nice days it is supposed to snow again!!! Arrgghhh, when will it end 🙁

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