New York Knicks Jeremy Lin and Kim Kardashian not dating

Jeremy Lin and Kim Kardashian are not dating, the New York Knicks player said in an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that aired on “Good Morning America” Monday. Despite rumors of a Kim Kardashian and Jeremy Lin hookup, the Knicks point guard shot down gossip the two are an item.

Jeremy Lin, a 23-year-old graduate of Harvard, told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that rumors of his celebrity conquest of Kim Kardashian were totally out of left field. “Stuff about me dating Kim Kardashian, I mean, I have no idea where that came from and all these other rumors,” Lin said. In fact, Lin believes Kardashian isn’t really even his “type” and he wouldn’t be hers either.

Lin is the first NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent and was recently the unfortunate subject of a nasty controversy over a racially insensitive headline on ESPN’s mobile site over the weekend.

Following the loss of the New York Knicks to the New Orleans Hornets, the ESPN mobile site published a story about the crushing defeat with the title “Chink In The Armor.” During the game, Jeremy Lin unfortunately turned over the ball nine times. The headline, which was allegedly just supposed to refer to Lin’s errors in the game, used a word that is considered a racially insulting epithet against Asians.

ESPN quickly pulled the headline and issued an apology over the incident and stated that a “complete review” would be done of editorial procedures and “appropriate disciplinary action” taken to insure such a lapse does not occur again.

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