Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Broken by Hollywood Sugar Freaks

Earlier this month, we reported on the absolutely astounding new creation by the famous Sprinkles cupcake bakery — the fabulous, new cupcake ATM machine! This brilliant wonder of modern technology has the capacity to deliver up fresh-baked cupcakes 24 hours a day. This amazing invention could very well bring new light to the civilized world (or condemn us all to early deaths from sugar overdosing).

I am terribly sad to report, however, that the sugar freaks of Los Angeles broke the Sprinkles cupcake ATM machine!!! The crazy cupcake addicts loved the machine so very much, they were ignoring the open Sprinkles bakery and standing in line for the cupcake ATM.

The cupcake ATM machine, which holds an astonishing 600 fresh-baked cupcakes, was actually delivering up orders of over 1,000 a day! We love our creamy frosting too, but wow! We also love that Sprinkles donates any leftover, unsold cupcakes to charity (not that they end up with many of those).

The poor Sprinkles cupcake ATM machine had a meltdown from so many sugar freaks attacking it all day long and went offline. Fear not though, cupcake lovers of Hollywood. An engineer was hauled to the scene pronto to make emergency repairs and the delicious device was back in working order within two hours.

“This kind of machine is built to do a couple hundred transactions a day,” said Nicole Schwartz, Sprinkles Marketing Director, told NBC. “The amount of volume was unprecedented for this machine.”

Sprinkles Bakery now has an employee standing by with special orders to watch over the machine to make sure the sugar crazies don’t break it again.

“We have someone there tonight,” Schwartz said. “They’ll basically be hanging out by the machine, and hopefully taking a few breaks.”


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