Survivor One World Finale: Perception is Not Reality

The Survivor One World finale airs tonight and we know only one thing for certain. This year’s Survivor One World winner will definitely be a girl! Which of the female final five — Alicia, Kim, Sabrina, Christina or Chelsea — will become the ultimate Survivor 2012 winner? Well, CBS might have a bit of a hint for us in episode title of their preview video for Sunday night’s Survivor One World finale.

The ‘perception’ through much of the Survivor One World season has been that Kim is the mostly likely person to end up as the Survivor One World winner. Plus, she’s obviously been the most dominating personality of the whole Survivor 2012 cast most of the season. There have been various spoilers and hints that have been decoded and translated along the way that seemed to point toward Kim being the one who would walk away with the Survivor 2012 $1 million prize.

However, we like to note that CBS often seems to purposefully leak hints and clues about Survivor that don’t always end up being quite true. Plus, the title of the finale episode, “Perception Is Not Always Reality,” might just be a little hint toward all of those who have been predicting Kim as the Survivor One World winner that they just might have it wrong.

The Survivor One World final five will have to face down three tribal councils over the two-hour episode in order to make it to the winner’s circle. Personally, I’m hoping it will NOT be Kim who ends up as the Survivor One World winner, thus making for an honestly surprising ending after a rather predictable and somewhat bland Survivor 2012 season.

The two-hour Survivor One World finale airs Sunday night from 8PM to 10PM ET/PT, followed by a one-hour Survivor One World live reunion show. Eliminated player Troyzan will reportedly have a surprise in store for the fans during the Survivor 2012 reunion show, so that should be interesting.

So who do you think will be the Survivor One World winner? Let us know your pick in our comments section below!

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2 thoughts on “Survivor One World Finale: Perception is Not Reality”

  1. Sabrina is the dark horse in the finale! I think she has a real shot at overthrowing Kim if she can just make it to the final 3, but Kim is smart and knows Sabrina is a threat for jury votes so I’m hoping girl can pull a win at the final immunity challenge. Sabrina all the way!!!!!

  2. Kim still has an idol to use so that takes her to Final 4 and if she wins the last immunity challenge she deserves to win. Sabrina has done little but find the idol for Colton and vote with strong players not enough for $1M

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