American Idol ‘Pants on the Ground’ Remix and More!

General Larry Platt may not have gotten a golden ticket to Hollywood this week on American Idol, but his “Pants on the Ground” audition video has certainly launched him into celebrity status on the Internet. Platt’s catchy original song and amusing performance has already spawned several “Pants on the Ground” remix tributes. (Our favorite so far is this one.)

General Larry Platt on American Idol
General Larry Platt on American Idol

General Larry Platt told Access Atlanta he was inspired to write the song when he saw a guy walking down the street carrying a baby with his pants hanging nearly to his knees. “He had his underwear showing,” Platt said. “He was being disrespectful so I wanted to embarrass him.” So he made up the “Pants on the Ground” rap on the spot. “He rolled his eyes and pulled his pants up a little bit,” Platt said.

In addition to the “Pants on the Ground” remixes spawning all over (check out a list here), it seems even the celebrities are starting to get in on General Platt’s 15 minutes of Internet fame. Our favorite tribute to the American Idol contestant so far comes from none other than Jimmy Fallon.

In tribute to General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” audition earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon took to the stage on his show to perform his own rendition of the song – while acting the part of singer/songwriter Neil Young.

Check out the entirely entertaining clip below:

General Larry Platt will appear on The View, Monday, January 18 to talk about his American Idol audition experience and resulting Internet fame.

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American Idol ‘Pants on the Ground’ Video

The breakout star on Wednesday night’s American Idol wasn’t the chick with the awesome voice, or the cute boy with High School Musical good looks. No, it was General Larry Platt‘s “Pants on the Ground” video that has stormed the Net following his American Idol audition.

General Larry Platt
General Larry Platt

The weird, but amusingly entertaining original rap performance by 62-year-old General Larry Platt is already an Internet sensation, even though he didn’t get a golden ticket to Hollywood. Just check out these lyrics and you’ll get the picture:

Lookin’ like a fool with ya pants on the ground.
With da gold in ya mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit the ground, ya call yourself a cool cat
Lookin’ like a fool, walking downtown
With ya pants on the ground
Git it up

Now that you have read it, give it a watch and listen. Oh, and btw, Plant – a veteran civil rights activist – plans on releasing the song as a single.


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