Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Will Reunite In New David O. Russell Movie

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper will reunite in new David O. Russell movie. Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly set to reunite with Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell, her Silver Linings Playbook co-star and director. The new project, previously titled American Bullsh*t, revolves around the famous 1970s FBI sting operation called Abscam, which uncovered corruption in the U.S. Congress.


Lawrence, Cooper and Russell — all of whom have been nominated for Oscars for Silver Linings Playbook — will get back together for the drama, according to Deadline. She will play the wife of Christian Bale’s character, a former con man turned organizer of the FBI operation in the ’70s-set drama which also stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Continue reading Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Will Reunite In New David O. Russell Movie

First Look at New Superman Henry Cavill from Man of Steel

Warner Bros. has released the first official photo of new Superman Henry Cavill, who definitely lives up to the superhero’s nickname and the movie title: Man of Steel. Director Zack Snyder has said he was going for a ‘bigger, muscular, retro’ Superman and Henry Cavill certainly seems to fit the bill.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel (Source: Warner Bros.)

* Click the photo for a high res version.

What we want to know after seeing this photo of Henry Cavill as Superman with muscles bulging all over the place is how is this guy going to convincingly portray nerdy, bumbling Clark Kent? Seriously!

Cavill, 28, will portray Superman and his alter ego opposite Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane will play Superman’s adoptive parents. In what is just, in my opinion, weird casting, Russell Crowe will play Superman’s birth father, Jor-El, and Julia Ormand will play his biological mother. Laurence Fishburne has been tapped to play Daily Planet newspaper editor in chief Perry White.

Man of Steel is due for release in 2013.

Amy Adams has her head on straight

For once, a Hollywood actress has chosen the joys of motherhood over obsessions about body size – Amy Adams had her baby seven months ago, and has refused to make losing the baby weight a priority in her life.  Amy maintains that it’s her talent, not her belly, that is the biggest factor in her career success, and that although she is of course concerned about fitness and health, having rock-hard abs is a goal that takes a distant back seat to things like spending time with her baby daughter.

She says that being pregnant helped her realize that the real purpose of her body is something much deeper than just looking good in a bikini, and that the baby weight will come off whenever it comes off.  Good for her!

Amy Adams Baby Name a Mouthful

Actress Amy Adams gave birth over the weekend to her first child with fiancée Darren Le Gallo. The Enchanted star and artist partner met in 2001 during an acting class. They began dating about a year later after appearing in a short film called Pennies. Their new baby girl, named Aviana Olea Le Gallo, is the first kid for both.

Amy Adams in 'Enchanted (Walt Disney)
Amy Adams in 'Enchanted (Walt Disney)

We can help but wonder if Amy just had to pick out that mouthful of a name to combat the simplicity of her own! Seriously though, their daughter should just grow up to run a vineyard. Doesn’t that name sound like it belongs on a bottle of delicious wine?

All kidding aside, both mom and daughter are reportedly happy and health. Adams and boyfriend Darren Le Gallo previously planned on getting married, but put the wedding on hold when Adams took on a higher workload.

“We actually had a date, and then we had to push it because I took a part,” Adams told People recently. “I actually had to get permission and I called him and said, ‘We’re actually going to have to push the date.’ Now that I have the time off we’ll definitely be planning it.”

Congrats to the happy couple on the new addition! We hope that you’ll finally be able to get around to that wedding soon!

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Julie & Julia Star Amy Adams Pregnant

Julie & Julia star Amy Adams is pregnant with her first child. Adams and fiancé Darren Legallo announced they will be welcoming a new baby into the family next year.

35-year-old Amy Adams met actor and artist Darren Legallo in an acting class in 2001. The couple has been dating for six years and were engaged in 2008. This will be the first child for both.

Amy Adams SF

“I got engaged the night before we wrapped ‘Julie and Julia,'” Adams told “It was funny because I was actually running lines from the script in my head while we were taking this romantic carriage ride in Central Park. I felt really bad for Darren. I was like, ‘You should get a re-do because you were cheated.’ All I was thinking about was my last day at work.”

Adams has had a banner year in 2009, starring in three films: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Julie & Julia and Sunshine Cleaning. Adams stars next in the romantic comedy Leap Year, which is due for release on Jan. 8.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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