Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair: What Will North West Think?

When we saw the Kim Kardashian blonde hair photos that hit the Internet today, we just couldn’t help but wonder… what was she thinking? Kim Kardashian’s dark locks are part of the image that made her into the “I’m famous for no good reason” person that she is today. Why on Earth would she change it up? Is this something baby daddy Kanye West thought up? Is she trying to change up her image from the sultry dark sexpot to go with her new mommy status?

9-3-2013 06-01-19 PM
E! News

A blond Kim Kardashian is just weird to look at. Sure, she’s lightened her hair before and even worn a blond wig but this this blond with dark roots makeover just screams NO to us. Honestly, it looks like she hasn’t dyed her hair in ages and her roots are showing through. Paired with the thick gold chain strangling her neck in the photos of her new hair, Kim Kardashian looks like she just escaped from some kind of Sheena of the Jungle remake.

Oh well, to each their own, we guess. We’re not sure what Kim Kardashian was aiming for with this new blonde hair look but we hope she’s happy with it. We think it is especially strange for her to dye her hair light at this particular time considering baby North West has thick, dark hair. Shouldn’t Kim want her baby to identify with Mommy and their shared brunette locks?