Britney Rings in a New Decade

Britney turns 30?! How did that happen? We swear she was just 21, in all her poppy princess glory. Yes, we’ve chosen to block out the intervening hot mess, head-shaving, baby-rearing, meltdown-having years. And fortunately she appears to have somewhat emerged on the other side. (Let that be a lesson to you Lindsay Lohan!)

Britney celebrated in a relatively simple way – by ice skating with her boyfriend in Houston. Of course, nothing is ever totally simple for a celeb right of passage. Meanwhile, her famous friends were sending her well-wishes and homemade videos. Kim Kardashian sent her wish via a video on Celebuzz: “Happy birthday to the beautiful Miss Britney Spears! Welcome to the 30’s club, Brit!!”

Lady Gaga, Justin Beieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest and many other sent their fond regards, which Britney no doubt enjoyed reading while hanging out  with her sons Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5.

Britney goes back to South America Saturday for her tour, playing a free show in Mexico City this weekend.


Britney Spears’ Dad Makes a Small Fortune

Britney Spears dad, Jamie Spears, pocketed over 500 thousand for managing her Femme Fatale Tour. Court documents recently awarded Jaime $537,987.37 as a base pay for the services he provided on the tour. Additionally, Jamie will get a cut from Britney’s manager for a commission after the tour – and all told it’s expected the dad of the Princess of Pop will clear seven figures.

However, sources say the salary isn’t unearned. Apparently Jamie did the job of five people on the tour, thereby ensuring that Britney and Co save more than a million in salaries for people they would have hired. Let’s call that money well spent.

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn Spears debuted her country music career. So we’ll see how that goes.


Britney Spears replaces Enrique with Nicki Minaj

So, Enrique Iglesias thinks he’s too good to open for Britney Spears?  That’s fine, Nicki Minaj is waiting in the wings and she’s ready to do the tour.  Minaj is having a lot more success on the charts right now than Enrique, and all in all she’s a much better fit for the tour anyway.

The contract has already been signed and Britney’s camp couldn’t be happier, as Minaj will be bringing her fans with her and ticket sales are likely to skyrocket.  The two styles of music will fit together a lot better than Britney’s would have with Enrique’s, and now the entire tour has a girl power feeling about it, which is something Britney could really use right now.

Christina Aguilera stands up for Britney

The press like to invent feuds between celebrities, especially female ones, and for many years now Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have tried to put the rumors to rest: they’re not enemies, and they don’t think of themselves as rivals.  Christina was the first to tweet her support for Britney’s new album release, saying that she couldn’t wait to see what the next video was going to be like.

Britney returned the love by tweeting that she was looking forward to seeing Christina on her new TV show, The Voice, and that she’s hoping Christina will be singing on the show.  So now, of course, the blogs are alight with rumors that Britney and Christina may be collaborating soon.  What next?

Britney does a secret Vegas performance

On Friday evening in Las Vegas, Britney Spears returned to the stage fro the first time since 2009, and although she was looking good and sounding not too bad, there were mixed reviews from the people who actually saw the performance.

Spears did a modest three-song set at Rain night club in which she seemed to be returning to form somewhat, but some of the audience members were quick to point out that there wasn’t much in the way of choreography, and that what made Brit look good were the costume changes rather than anything she actually did or sang.  Britney herself, however, gave the performance a great review, saying that it felt really good to be back on stage again.

Alexis Knapp wants money now

Alexis Knapp, the actress who used to date Ryan Phillippe and is now pregnant, says that Ryan’s offer to give her child support after a paternity test is not good enough.  She says she’s struggling financially right now, and wants Ryan to start helping her out immediately with things like medical bills and buying things to prepare for the baby.

Knapp has hired the same lawyer that Kevin Federline had in his divorce from Britney Spears, so clearly she’s serious about getting this money.  Ryan says he’s not planning on forking anything over until he knows for sure if the baby is his.  Knapp claims there’s zero chance that it’s not his, and she wants to force Ryan to give her money right now.

Britney has zero-tolerance drug policy

Britney Spears seems to be serious about her comeback this time, and that includes making sure that everyone around her is clean, sober, and not in a position to derail her progress.  For the filming of Britney’s latest video, the dancers who performed in the video were required to sign an agreement stating that they would not bring any kind of substances onto the set, and that they themselves would be clean of drugs.

The agreement the dancers had to sign specifically states that the they would not expose Britney to any controlled substances or alcohol, and that they understood that they could be asked to take a surprise drug test at any time.  So it’s basically… like any other job.