Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict!

Casey Anthony not guilty! That is the verdict read out by the jury in the Casey Anthony trial on Tuesday. Casey Anthony had been accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Anthony’s defense team claimed the toddler accidentally drowned in the family pool.

Casey Anthony waits as the verdict is read by the jury

The jury in the Casey Anthony trial read out their verdict in court at 2:15 EDT. The jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing Caylee Anthony. After 33 days of testimony, the jury of seven women and five men acquitted Casey Anthony of murder after just 10 hours of deliberation.

25-year-old Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. She was found guilty of multiple counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

On Sunday, Casey Anthony’s defense team told the jury “there is plenty of reasonable doubt” in the case and with that in mind, they could convict her. It seems the jury, in this case, agreed with the defense.

Casey Anthony Trial Jury Verdict Reached: Live Feed

The Casey Anthonytrial will draw to a close this afternoon when the jury announces its verdict in court at 2:15 EDT. Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony awaits verdict in murder trial

Jury deliberations resumed in the Casey Anthony trial for the second day on Tuesday after the jury failed to reach a verdict on Monday. The jury, which has been sequestered in an Orlando hotel, have now reportedly reached a verdict after a total of ten hours of deliberation. Check out the Casey Anthony live feed video from the court room below.

The official verdict in the Casey Anthony trial is expected to be handed out this afternoon shortly after 2:00pm. If convicted of 1st degree murder, Casey Anthony could face the death penalty.

The jury could also reject the first-degree murder trial in favor of finding Casey Anthony guilty on a lesser charge of second-degree murder, third-degree murder or even manslaughter. Anthony is also facing charges of aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse and multiple counts of lying to law enforcement.