Kanye West Arrested Again For Fighting, Still Pissed.

Kanye West, who lives in Anger Management Denial, was arrested in England early this morning. Kanye reportedly assaulted one of the papz outside of the club Tup Tup in Newcastle around 1:10 am.

Terry Blackburn, the assaultee, claims his face was cut and bruised after West shoved the camera in his face and screamed: “Get the f—ing camera off!” Police arrested Kanye about three hours later at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead, and released him without charges.

This is Kanye’s second arrest for assaulting a paparazzi. He was arrested in L.A. last September after fighting with a photographer. Charges were later dropped. Kanye sure knows how to sweet-talk the cops! And he don’t need no anger management, fool, even though his peeps have been trying to get him to go for YEARS. Look for Kanye to blog about this very soon.

Miss Teen Louisiana USA Is REALLY Dumb; Loses Crown

File this one under Stupid Criminals, Dumb Blondes, or More Proof There’s Crazy Juice In Louisiana’s Water Supply. Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans reportedly skipped out on a restaurant bill this past weekend, and has consequently been stripped of her title. Her pageant is part of Donald Trump’s Miss USA organization, which has seen it’s share of scandalous title holders. Maybe it’s because there’s no talent competition! Unlike the Miss America organization, these girls are basically selected on hotness.

Lindsey was out with a group of friends eating at a Shreveport restaurant, and ran up a bill worth a whopping $46.07. The girls decided to “dine and dash”, and didn’t pay the bill. Let’s see…assuming a “group of friends” means at least 2 other people, that would add up to $15.35 each. Oh, that DEFINITELY was worth it.

Lindsey brilliantly left her purse there, and went back to get it. The waiter had already gone through it to see who skipped the tab. The police were waiting for Lindsey when she returned. The cops ALSO found marijuana in her purse. Needless to say, 18-year-old Lindsey has been “relieved of her duties as Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 effective immediately,” and was arrested. No juvie for you, Lindsey. Just one of the perks of being an adult.

Lindsey had a whopping 10 days left of her reign, and was to hand over her crown next weekend. She’s already been replaced on the pageant website with BRUNETTE Michelle Berthelot, Miss Louisiana USA, who will crown the NEW Miss Louisiana Teen USA Halloween weekend. Lindsey will be stuck trying to explain her crimes on future college and job applications.

Britney Spears and her clan call Louisiana home too, and their friends and family have proven that SOMETHING in Kentwood makes celebs do stupid things. Is it a statewide problem? Maybe the EPA should check it out.

O.J. Simpson Convicted On All Counts!

O.J. Simpson was found guilty yesterday of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room. O.J. is 61, and he could spend the rest of his life in prison, and is looking at a minimum of 20 years. Sentencing is set for Dec. 5.

Simpson released a big sigh as the charges were read by the clerk in Clark County District Court. He was immediately taken into custody.
Watch the video of O.J. being taken into custody.

The former football star was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and 10 other charges for gathering up five men a year ago and storming into a room at a hotel-casino, where the group seized several game balls, plaques and photos. Prosecutors said two of the men with him were armed; one of them said Simpson asked him to bring a gun.

Ironically, the verdict came 13 years to the day after O.J. was cleared of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, in Los Angeles in an extremely controversial trial. O.J.’s attorney Yale Galenter said:

“I don’t like to use the word payback. I can tell you from the beginning my biggest concern … was whether or not the jury would be able to separate their very strong feelings about Mr. Simpson and judge him fairly and honestly. Galanter acknowledged in his closing argument that what Simpson did to recover his memorabilia was not right. “But being stupid, and being frustrated is not being a criminal. This case has taken on a life of its own because of Mr. Simpson’s involvement. You know that. I know that. Every cooperator, every person who had a gun, every person who had an ulterior motive, every person who signed a book deal, every person who got paid money, the police, the district attorney’s office, is only interested in one thing: Mr. Simpson.

Simpson’s co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, 54, also was found guilty on all charges in the case and taken into custody. Simpson showed little emotion as officers handcuffed him and walked him out of the courtroom. His sister, Carmelita Durio, sobbed behind him in the arms of Simpson’s friend, Tom Scotto, who said “I love you” as Simpson passed by. Durio collapsed after the court emptied of spectators.

Galanter said it was not a happy day for anybody. “His only hope is the appellate process,” he said. Stewart’s attorney, Brent Bryson, promised to appeal, and said:

“If there was ever a case that should have been severed in the history of jurisprudence, it’s this case,” he said of unsuccessful attempts to separate Stewart’s case from Simpson’s because of the “spillover” effect.

Simpson and his lawyers argued the incident was not a robbery, but an attempt to reclaim items that had been stolen from him. O.J. said he did not ask anyone to bring a weapon and did not see any guns. Right. The jury didn’t buy it either.

The defense portrayed Simpson as a victim of shady characters who wanted to make money from his famous name, and police officers who saw his arrest as a chance to “get” him and avenge his acquittal in the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldstein murder case.

Prosecutors argued that Simpson’s ownership of the memorabilia was irrelevant; it was still a crime to attempt to take things by force. Prosecutor David Roger said:

“When they went into that room and forced the victims to the far side of the room, pulling out guns and yelling, `Don’t let anybody out of here! Six very large people detaining these two victims in the room with the intent to take property through force or violence from them, that’s kidnapping.”

Simpson didn’t testify, but could be heard on a recording of the incident screaming that the men had stolen his property. “Don’t let nobody out of this room,” he shouted, and told the other men to get his items. Four other men charged in the case struck plea bargains that saved them from possible prison sentences in return for their testimony. Some of them already had criminal records. One was an alleged pimp who testified he had a revelation from God telling him to take a plea bargain! God is smart!

This morning, all Snarkista can say is: Karma’s a bitch, dude.

Right Now In Nashville: Mindy McCready Going Back In The Slammer

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready is headed back to the big house, for what seems like the zillionth time. 32 year-old Mindy is set to turn herself into authorities Tuesday for violating her probation for prescription drug fraud in June. If you will recall, Mindy only had a few months left on probation, but violated it by FALSIFYING HER COMMUNITY SERVICE report. Braniac. You really need a map to keep up with Mindy’s continuing eff-ups with the law. Her attorney, Lee Offman says:

“In accordance with an agreement we have reached with the district attorney of Williamson County, Tennessee, Ms. McCready will voluntarily surrender to authorities on September 30th to serve a sentence of 60 days. The successful completion of this sentence will satisfy her obligation to the State of Tennessee resulting from her probation violation.”

Mindy herself adds:

“I am working very hard to put all of this behind me as quickly as possible so I can get back to what I like to do most: sing, write songs, and entertain. I would like to thank my fans for their unwavering support as I continue to work on my recovery and to regain custody of my precious son, Zander.”

On the bright side- Mindy’s got PLENTY of fodder for some new country songs.