Christina Aguilera pregnancy rumors abound, probably just comfort-eating

You’d have to be blind not to notice that Christina Aguilera is a little chubbier these days, and it seems that people on the internet are suspicious about the reasons.  Christina’s been wearing a lot of outfits recently that camouflage her lower belly, until Sunday at the AMAs when she donned a leotard and sent viewers into turbo speculation mode.  Almost immediately after Aguilera appeared on stage in her form-fitting ensemble, the internet was swarmed with people looking for answers as to whether or not Christina was pregnant.

However, the consensus seems to be that no, she’s just partaking in a little more ice cream than usual due to the stress of her divorce from husband Jordan Bratman.  Personally I think she looks great with a few extra curves, but no doubt the comments from the public will send her into ultra-diet mode soon.

Christina Aguilera turns to Cher for support

Christina Aguilera has needed some help getting over a broken heart after her split with husband Jordan Bratman, and she has turned to her Burlesque co-star, Cher, for advice.  She said that Cher had a ton of great things to say about the upsides of divorce, about starting over, and about holding onto your identity no matter which husbands float in and out of your life.

On the red carpet at the premiere of Burlesque, Cher and Christina seemed like BFFs, in a very mother-daughter kind of way.  Cher seemed very supportive of Christina, and Christina definitely seemed in better spirits than recent weeks, although she was visibly nervous about the movie premiering.

Christina Aguilera getting divorced or separated or something

It’s marriage fail week in celeb land, and the latest victims are Christina Aguilera and her husband of five years, Jordan Bratman.  It’s unclear just how far they’ve split, though, because although they made the official separation announcement just a couple of days ago, friends are reporting that they’ve actually been separated for months already, and that this “official” separation is just the last step before getting a divorce.  Christina took a trip to Cabo San Lucas with her friends about a month ago, and that seems to have sealed the deal – she and Jordan were having some problems before that, but after enjoying the freedom of being on her own in Cabo, it became clear that they were never getting back together.

Christina Aguilera gains weight to draw attention away from hideous hair/tan combo

In the most clever camouflaging move I’ve ever seen, Christina Aguilera put on 20 pounds in an effort to keep the press distracted from the unfortunate fact that she has bright orange skin and white hair.  Christina, who showed up for a party at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over the weekend, wore a form-fitting dress to draw attention to her newly acquired curves, and as every single member of the press took the bait, not a single one reported that she now looks like a photo negative of Smurfette.  Seriously, Christina should consider taking up a career as an illusionist – the media are so offended by her not being skeletal, she could have come out bald with a missing front tooth and a a weeping cold sore and no one would have noticed.  Those are some strong magic skills, there.

Travis The Chimp Shot Dead After Mauling Woman: Video

News Of The Weird for today…celeb chimpanzee Travis the Chimp, star of Coke and Old Navy ads, went batshit crazy and gruesomely mauled 55 year-old Charla Nash in Stamford Connecticut. She is currently in critical condition.

The chimpanzee’s owner, Sarah Herold, called Ms. Nash to help her get Travis back in the house after he used a key to let himself out. Travis jumped on Ms. Nash and began biting and mauling her.

Ms. Herold called 911 when she was unable to pull the 200 pound chimp off of her friend. She then grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed her 15-year-old pet, whom she said was “like her child.”


When cops arrived, Travis tried to get into one of the police cars, ripping off a side mirror, and trapping an officer inside. Police shot him several times when they were unable to subdue him. He returned to the house and died inside. Two police officers were also injured during the incident.

What set Travis off isn’t clear; he was being treated for Lyme disease, and one theory is that his medications may have played a role. He’d already been given Xanax by Ms. Herold earlier in the day because he was acting so agitated. What IS known, is that contrary to popular belief, Travis and Christina Aguilera’s husband Jordan Bratman are NOT brothers.

Chris Brown Wins Big At The American Music Awards; Kanye Not TOO Pissed!

Youth was the word at last night’s American Music Awards, where 19 year-old Chris Brown took home three of the pointy prizes, including the top award: Artist Of The Year. The AMA’s also provided no less than 19 live performances (none from Chris) but most of them didn’t suck!

Christina Aguilera kicked off the show with a medley highlighting her greatest hits, which are not coincidently on her new “Greatest Hits” album. The fact that Christina has a “Greatest Hits” album makes Snarkista feel pretty dang old.

Miley Cyrus
tore up “Fly On The Wall” ,with some freaky space-bots, on her 16th Birthday.

Sarah McLaughlin was joined by Pink, who put some grit into a nice duet on “Angel”

The amazing Annie Lennox won the Award Of Merit, and gave a fab performance of “Why”:

Taylor Swift was introduced by David Cook (heart!) and sang “White Horse”:

Beyonce shook her booty on “Single Ladies”- she’s had a lot of practice with this one, but at least she left the bionic hand at home!

KANYE WEST WON AN AWARD! HE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY! (ALL-CAPS IN HONOR OF KANYE.) However, Kanye “wants to be Elvis”. DUDE. At least he didn’t punch anyone. Here are the rest of last night’s winners:


Favorite Male Artist: Chris Brown
Favorite Female Artist: Rihanna
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Daughtry
Favorite Album: Alicia Keys, As I Am

Favorite Male Artist: Brad Paisley
Favorite Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Rascal Flatts
Favorite Album: Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride

Favorite Male Artist: Kanye West
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Three 6 Mafia
Favorite Album: Kanye West, Graduation

Favorite Male Artist: Chris Brown
Favorite Female Artist: Mary J Blige
Favorite Album: Alicia Keys, As I Am

Jonas Brothers

Favorite Artist: Third Day

Favorite Artist: Linkin Park

Favorite Artist: Jordin Sparks

Favorite Album: Alvin & The Chipmunks

Favorite Artist: Enrique Iglesias

Artist of the Year: Chris Brown

Britney’s Big Night

Britney Spears cleaned up tonight at the VMA’s! She opened the show, as promised, with a short comedy sketch with ‘Superbad’ actor Jonah Hill, before walking from her dressing room to the stage to introduce the ceremony. Standing O for Brit as she walked on stage.

Britney was a triple threat tonight, taking home Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, and Video of the Year for “Piece Of Me”. Britney won her first VMA EVER tonight, and then proceeded on to a night of major victory! “I’m in shock,” Britney said, after accepting her third award of the night from NBA star Kobe Bryant. She looked healthier and happier than we’ve seen her be in years. Congratulations, Britney-girl. You deserve your moonmen.

Host Russell Brand pissed off a lot of Jonas Brothers fans with his continuous digs at their purity rings and decisions to put off sex until marriage. He also drug poor Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s soon-to-be son in law into the mix. Russell must have gotten a little scolding backstage ‘cuz he had to backtrack and apologize to teens for his rants. STFU!
Here’s Britney’s winning video, “Piece Of Me”.

Britney Spears Piece Of Me Oficial Video 2do Single!!!

Awesome performances by Rihanna, Christina Aguilera with a fab New Wave “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, Lil Wayne, Ting-Tangs, Katy Perry, Paramours, The Jonas Brothers, Kid Rock and Kanye West closed the show with his new “Love Lockdown”. Awesome. Kanye wasn’t pissed either! Congrats to Germany’s Tokio Hotel in an upset for Best New Artist! And somebody give Russell Brand a purity ring. For grins. For those of you who missed the show, here’s 411mania’s live-blog of the event… and here are the live performances!