Conan’s NBC jokes getting old, costing him his audience

Conan O’Brien‘s much-anticipated new late night show opened this week to much buzz, but it seems the fact that Conan can’t get over being dumped by NBC is starting to tire his audience.  Conan had an opening night audience of 4.2 million viewers, but after a pretty steady stream of jokes laced with bitterness about the NBC debacle, by the second night the audience had dropped to 2.8 million.

Polls have shown that viewers would prefer to hear jokes about current events, and they were hoping Conan would use this opportunity to make a fresh start and do something different, rather than just photocopy his old show over to another network.  We get it, NBC screwed him, but he needs to let that go and move on or he’s going to face cancellation, as well.

R.I.P Dom DeLuise


So sad to have to inform you, dear readers; Funnyman Dom DeLuise, 75, passed away last night in an L.A. hospital.

Snarkista adored Dom, who starred in Mel Brooks films like ‘Blazing Saddles,’ ‘Silent Movie,’ ‘History Of The World Part One,’ ‘Space Balls,’ ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights,’ and co-starring with Burt Reynolds in films like ‘The Cannonball Run,’ ‘Smokey and The Bandit II,’ ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ and ‘The End.’

He also hosted the popular TV show “Candid Camera” from 1991-1992. Dom was an avid cook and author: he wrote several cookbooks and childrens’ stories. Sources told TMZ that he passed away peacefully in his sleep around 6 PM.

Our condolences to Dom’s family on such a loss. We’re pretty sure, however, that there are smiles and laughter in heaven today!

Help Stephen Colbert Kick Kanye’s Ass!

The countdown has begun till 5pm. ET today, when our nation needs to unite with Stephen Colbert! Why? To knock Kanye West off of iTunes #1 spot by buying Colbert’s Christmas album! Kanye’s insufferable self has already fired back with “who is Stephen Colbert?”, and apparently his ALL CAPS button is broken. Today Kanye also declared himself the inventor of a new music genre called “pop art” ‘cuz he is OVER hip-hop. Sorry, Kanye, I think Andy Warhol already has dibbs on that title. Back to the Mac Air for you! Your Colbert marching orders are below, America. Do it for your country.

Sarah Palin On SNL- The Palin Rap

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you know that little, white, Amy Poehler has some MAD rap skilz. You don’t get to see them often, but when you do… it’s a fab treat. Last night, Governor Sarah Palin stopped by SNL and everything went great! Alec Baldwin came by too, and told Sarah she was WAY hotter in person. The papz say this is TRUTH! Lefty bloggers need to lighten up; Palin looked fun, not dumb. Sarah got her groove on with everyone while Amy threw down The Palin Rap. All tha plumbers in tha house pull ya pants up!

The SNL Bailout Skit- NBC Has NO Balls!


NBC took down an SNL clip poking fun at the bailout from their website, despite it’s popularity. (Link below!) While NBC has enjoyed riding the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin gravy train, it seems it’s too scared of some “predatory lenders” to keep the clip from this weekend’s show up.

The clip’s a fake C-Span report, and identifies former Golden West Financial Group co-chiefs Herb and Marion Sandler as “people who should be shot” in a graphic. The Sandlers sold Golden West Financial S&L to Wachovia in 2006 while the gettin-out was good. Golden West was a company whose major product was subprime mortgages, and the Sandlers got a cool $24.2 billion for it. Wake Up America says:

“Herb Sander spoke to the Associate Press the morning after seeing the SNL skit which derided them as ‘predatory lenders’ who had duped borrowers and Wachovia. After seeing the skit replayed on the Internet, Sandler was described as ’seething,’ about how he and his wife were portrayed.”

The skit ALSO skewered George Soros, who has more money than the Sandlers…and everyone else except God. There are reports that the Sandlers are threatening to sue. Soros won’t sue- but he might put a hit out on you, or sink your country’s currency.

What a bunch of freakin’ whiners. Sarah Palin’s had a great attitude about Tina Fey’s spot-on spoofs, and has promised “job security for all SNL cast members”! The clip has been posted, yanked, posted, yanked, yada, yada, yada all day long. Pat Dollard has thrown down the gauntlet, has posted the clip, and dares NBC to yank it. Better watch it here while you can!