Right Now In Nashville: Brad Paisley Arrested!

Early Sunday morning, (approximately 3:15 am) country singer Brad Paisley’s private jet was met with uniformed officers when it landed at Nashville International Airport. Officers immediately handcuffed Brad as soon as he got off the plane. The policemen informed Brad they had a warrant for his arrest for involvement in “some serious crimes.” Paisley was heard saying:

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!”

Paisley was cooperative with the officers, and was taken to the back of an unmarked police car. He was then given further explanation of his arrest.

“We have a Mrs. Jewel Murray who has filed several charges against you in the state of Tennessee for excessive lewd acts of noodling,” explained the officer, as Paisley broke into a fit of laugher, realizing this was all a joke. “Noodling? On the guitar?” Paisley asked the officers. “You know what, I am guilty.”

Seems Brad Paisley, country music’s Ashton Kutcher, finally got what he deserved. He’d had a long, prank-filled tour with Jewel and Chuck Wicks. Brad Paisley ran a video introducing Kellie Pickler that featured some photos that had been Photoshoped a bit and a plastic surgeon’s take on the question whether Kellie has had some work done to a particular area of her body. The segment was called “You Be The Judge.” Jack Ingram had to get into a cage they built out of PVC pipe just as he was about to walk onstage and then wheeled him out in the cage with only his microphone and a hacksaw. He had to be freed 2 songs into the set.

Saturday night, Chuck had pranked Brad by stepping onto the stage dripping with maple syrup and covered in feathers. And during Jewel’s set, a large man dressed as a giant condom swung just feet over her head. Brad must have thought he’d kept his “King of the Pranks” title. Not quite. Here’s Jewel talking about the pranks…and what is about to come for Brad. Ha!!

In an effort to humble the “King”, Jewel and her touring crew turned the tables on Brad. Yep, early Sunday morning, when Brad and his crew arrived in Nashville they were greeted by two unmarked police cars, two retired police officers and a night sky filled with flashing blue and white lights. You can watch the footage of Brad’s arrest here! Punked!!