Rapper DMX Has Meltdown: Drug, Animal Cruelty And Speeding Charges Filed

90’s Rapper DMX, age 37, was arrested in Cave Creek, Arizona yesterday. He barricaded himself in his house when the Maricopa County sheriff tried to arrest him on drug and animal cruelty charges. DMX knows that Maricopa County is celebrity sheriff Joe Arpaio’s territory- he’s the law that puts his male prisoners in pink! The “toughest sheriff in America” houses his inmates in tents- and is not a believer in cable TV for his prisoners.

This is the second raid by officials concerning animal cruelty; in August 12 pit bulls and pit bull mix dogs were taken from the rapper’s home. No arrest happened at the time, but the circumstances were quite unsavory, and the raid occurred the same week that Michael Vick pled guilty for financing a dog fighting ring.

Animal control took 5 pit bull mix puppies yesterday, and finally served a search warrant on DMX at 3 a.m. Officers found drugs and weapons during the search, resulting in four felony drug possession charges and seven misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Deputies were also serving a search warrant at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, involving possible fraud by the rapper.

On Wednesday, DMX was clocked going 114 mph, was arrested and charged with racing on a highway, reckless driving, 2 counts of endangerment and 3 counts of criminal speed while driving on a suspended license. Dude had barely gotten home when the cops came calling again Friday!

I bet Sheriff Joe can’t WAIT to get his hands on this character- he’ll have him lookin’ like Barbie in no time. DMX may be Joe’s guest in the tents for awhile. Kind of like a doghouse.