Kirstie Alley Dancing with the Stars Weight Loss – Will It Stick?

Former bombshell babe Kirstie Alley has had her ups and downs over the years — quite literally. She’s been up and down the scale a dozen times, including losing 80 pounds with Weight Watchers, only to gain it all back again. Now, Alley reportedly had to have her first Dancing with the Stars costume taken in by 38 inches to wear it again on Tuesday night.

Kirstie Alley has definately been looking smaller every week on DWTS, but so far she’s keeping her mouth closed about exactly how much she’s lost. She did say it was “fun” to have to take so many inches out of her costume for the finale though.

“I wasn’t so hungry when I was dancing,” Alley told People. “That coupled with insane amounts of dancing, I’m sure I lost it faster… I had the energy the whole way through it and that was sort of astonishing.”

We can only hope Alley can find the strength to keep up with being healthier once the pressure of DWTS is off. So far she hasn’t had the greatest track record, but maybe she’ll decide to keep dancing the pounds off for good!

Kirstie Alley faces off against football star Hines Ward and actress Chelsea Kane for the Dancing with the Stars title tonight on ABC. Based on the final performances and the rest of the season, we don’t really think she’s going to come out on top — but you never know until the fat lady… well, we just won’t be finishing that sentence…

Minor fame has changed Pia Toscano

It looks like Pia Toscano has decided that her old boyfriend doesn’t fit in with her new C-list lifestyle, and she’s climbing the social ladder while trying out new candidates.  Carlos Nunez, Toscano’s boyfriend of four years, has been left wondering what happened after Toscano started going on dates with Mark Ballas of Dancing with the Stars.  Toscano did not break up with Nunez first – she simply started dating Ballas and stopped returning her boyfriend’s calls.  When asked if they were in a relationship, Ballas simply said that they are having a great time and he has no complaints.  Poor Carlos, he deserves better than that.  The least Pia could have done is told him it was over.

Kirstie Alley hits the floor on DWTS

Usually when couples mess up on Dancing with the Stars, it’s the stars who are to blame, but this week one of the professionals, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, fell while holding partner Kirstie Alley, and dropped her on the floor.

Maksim suffered a charley horse early on in the routine, and the pain in his leg caused him to collapse, taking Kirstie down with him.  The two did manage to recover, though, and after getting decent marks from the judges, Kirstie tweeted that she was honored to be Maksim’s partner, calling him a “gladiator” and a “champion.”  Well, we’ll see if he’s got enough gladiator in him to propel them to DWTS champions.

Dancing With the Stars Cast and Pairings Announced

The new season 11 Dancing with the Stars cast and pairings were announced Tuesday on Good Morning America. As usual, the cast ranges from the mundane to the bizarre and we’re left wildly anticipating what kind of crazy drama we’ll be seeing this season on DWTS.


Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani: We can’t help but wonder if Audrina might turn out to be the Kate Gosselin of this season of DWTS. Oh the horror!

Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: We love Maxim and we’ve got the feeling Brandy can shake it. So we’re very interested to see how this pairing is going to pan out.

David Hasselhoff & Kym Johnson: Kym, we’re sorry. Just, yeah, we’re sorry.

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Bristol Palin Joins Dancing With the Stars Cast?

The next season of Dancing With the Stars looks like it is going to continue the tradition of having the weirdest reality show cast on television. Not only will the next season allegedly feature such weirdoes as drunken David Hasselhoff and crazy Jersey fiend The Situation, we’ll also be forced to watch former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin‘s daughter hit the dance floor.

Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin

That’s right; it looks like Bristol Palin may be desperately clinging to her 15 minutes of fame on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. This is almost as bad a casting decision, in our opinion, as signing on Kate Gosselin last time around. Although, frankly, it’s difficult to believe anyone could suck as badly as Gosselin did.

Along with David Hasselhoff, The Situation and Bristol Pain, other rumored Dancing With the Stars cast members include Audrina Patridge and Brandy. While Kirstie Alley was also rumored to be signed on for the next season, E! Online says that bit of gossip is not true. As for ABC, a rep says the network does not comment on casting rumors.

The official Dancing With the Stars cast will be announced Monday, Aug. 30 on ABC during Bachelor Pad.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Erin Andrews Feud Ends in Tears!

A tearful Elisabeth Hasselbeck apologized to Erin Andrews on Wednesday for making a crass joke about the peephole video stalker that terrorized the ESPN sportscaster not long ago. Hasselbeck said she was “really sorry” about her rude commentary regarding Erin Andrews’ skimpy outfits on Dancing With the Stars.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)
Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Erin Andrews on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)

On Tuesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made light of the Erin Andrews peephole video stalker incident by joking that the guy should have just “waited 12 weeks” to see the ESPN sportscaster in her skimpy outfits on Dancing With the Stars.  Michael David Barrett, who leaked nude video of Erin Andrews shot through hotel door peepholes onto the Net, was convicted in March of interstate stalking and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

“In light of what happened… and as inexcusable as it was for that horrific guy to go in and try to peep on her in her hotel room… I mean, in some way if I’m him,” Hasselbeck said Tuesday on The View, “I [would be] like, ‘Man! I just could’ve waited 12 weeks and seen this — a little bit less — without the prison time!’”

Erin Andrews told Access Hollywood the comments by Hasselbeck left her in tears. Andrews’ DWTS partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, called Hasselbeck “stupid” and “jealous” for making such nasty remarks.

On Wednesday, Hasselbeck got teary-eyed while she related having to tell her daughter she had “hurt someone’s feelings” with her words. Hasselbeck said she called Erin Andrews to apologize for being a royal bitch. Okay, the royal bitch part is our words – sorry if it hurts your feelings Elisabeth.

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Kate Gosselin Survives Another Week on Dancing With the Stars

Sadly, it was not former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin who got the boot this week on Dancing With the Stars. Instead, it was astronaut Buzz Aldrin who was eliminated in week 3 of the competition. While Aldrin wasn’t much of a dancer, we’ll still miss the witty old guy and his adorable partner Ashly Costa.

Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)
Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised Kate Gosselin stuck around another week even though we think she is by far the worst dancer on the show. Yes, even worse than Buzz Aldrin. At least Aldrin had class. This week Kate Gosselin looked like some kind of Marilyn Manson street-walker and danced walked around the stage like a drugged out wax figure. (We’re still dying over the “super bitch from hell” comment from Bruno Tonioli.) Still, the people love drama and Gosselin is full of it, so we’ll be forced to endure her yet again next week.

The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka joined Buzz Aldrin and Kate Gosselin in the bottom three this week on DWTS. We aren’t quite sure he deserved to be placed so lowly. Pavelka isn’t the next Baryshnikov, but we don’t think he was really all that bad. We are a bit bummed about Buzz leaving, but we think he was pretty aware he wouldn’t last very long in the competition.

We’re still rooting for Evan Lysacek to pull off the win this season, but the competition is getting rather heated for the Olympic gold medalist. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is tearing it up and ESPN analyst Erin Andrews isn’t half bad herself.

Now, let’s just work on getting Kate Gosselin off the show next week and back to taking care of her kids where she belongs. Then we can finally watch the show without cringing every time her face comes on screen.

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