Gary Coleman Death Photos Being Shopped to Media

Photos taken of late actor Gary Coleman in the hospital – and one of him after he died – are being shopped around to the media. An anonymous photographer reportedly approached at least once gossip site attempting to sell photos of the former Diff’rent Strokes star on his deathbed.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Aaron Fulkerson - Wikimedia Commons)
Gary Coleman (Photo: Aaron Fulkerson - Wikimedia Commons)

Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital last month after suffering a brain hemorrhage following a fall at his home in Utah. He died two days later after being taken off life support by his ex-wife, Shannon Price. claims someone attempted to sell them several photos of Gary Coleman hooked up to life support in the hospital and at least one photo of him after he died. did not buy the photos, but claims the anonymous photographer was asking for a price in the “low five figures.”

Now that is just low. Whoever managed to snap those photos, which the gossip site seems to have verified as real, we hope you get a swift karmic kick in the ass for such despicable behavior.

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