Huge Solar Storm 2012 Currently Bombarding Earth

The largest solar storm the Earth has seen since 2005 is currently battering the planet, forcing planes to be re-routed, causing power fluctuations and playing havoc with the Global Positioning System (GPS). The 2012 solar storm currently smacking the Earth is the result of a massive solar flare that erupted from the sun around 11PM EST on Sunday.


 The huge solar flare was rated an M-9 class eruption, which is just one level below the most powerful typle, an X-class flare. As a result of the flare, the earth is being bombarded by three waves of a solar storm from the sun. First the planet was hit by electromagnetic radiation, then a flood of protons and, finally, a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME struck the Earth’s magnetic field on Tuesday at approximately 10AM EST.

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