Blake Lively agonizes over projects

It must be difficult when your career is going so well that you can’t decide which awesome job to take next, but this is exactly the situation that Blake Lively is finding herself in this summer.  While she’s on break from Gossip Girl, she wants to use her time wisely and do a movie, but she’s been offered two projects that are both so tempting, she’s having trouble deciding between them.

On one hand, she could join Mila Kunis and James Franco for the remake of The Wizard of Oz (she’s looking at the role of Glinda), or she could star in the new Oliver Stone movie and do something serious and gritty.  Oz will probably net her more cash, but the Oliver Stone project sounds more interesting.

Lindsay Lohan finally gets some work – in a book

Okay, so it’s not a role in a movie, but at least it’s something – Lindsay Lohan has signed a book deal that’s set to net her $3.4 million.  But don’t worry, she’s not writing her memoirs… in fact, she’s not writing anything at all, as the book is going to be a collection of photos featuring full frontal nudity and graphic poses.

I know Lindsay’s hard-up for work, and porn does seem like a natural next step for someone like her, but this still seems like a strange choice.  At least the book will also feature actor James Franco, who might bring some class to the project, and according to photographer Terry Richardson, the whole thing will be tastefully executed.  So if he’s going for tasteful, why on earth would he want Lindsay Lohan?

James Franco Moves from ‘General Hospital’ to ’30 Rock’

First the news was announced he would be guesting on General Hospital, now comes word Spiderman bad boy James Franco will be hopping aboard 30 Rock as well. Franco has reportedly signed on to guest star on the Tina Fey-helmed comedy series, in which he will reportedly play himself.


Golden Globe-winning actor James Franco will shortly be appearing in a story arch on the daytime soap opera General Hospital, but his TV hopping won’t end there. Franco will also reportedly be stopping by the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock for a guest appearance. Franco will play himself on the show and will apparently engage in a staged romantic relationship with Jenna (Jane Krakowski).”

Tina Fey hinted at the storyline at the Emmys last year, telling Entertainment Weekly: “[Jenna gets] into a high-profile relationship with a movie star that is arranged by their agents.”

Franco will reportedly beginning filming for 30 Rock this week. NBC has declined to comment about the storyline.  James Franco is just the latest in a long list of hot celebrities to guest star on the show, including Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin – the just announced upcoming co-host of next year’s Oscars.

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