Jennifer Aniston Short Hair Is Way Too Much Posh Spice

Back in the day, it was a thing to have Jennifer Aniston hair when she was starring on Friends. Everyone and their mother was getting the ‘Rachel’ cut and Jennifer became nearly as famous for her luxurious locks as her acting chops. The actress abandoned the ‘Rachel’ cut years ago but her long, beautiful hair has remained a trademark ever since. Until now!

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn – Source: christopherharte via Wikimedia Commons

If there is any actress in Hollywood we never expected to chop off all her hair, it would be Jennifer Aniston! Amazingly, that seems to be exactly what she decided to do. The Hollywood beauty, currently engaged to Justin Theroux, has sheared off her lovely long locks and is sporting a new short bob by longtime stylist Chris McMillan.

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Jennifer Aniston Will Change Her Name to Jennifer Theroux

Jennifer Aniston will change her name to Jennifer Theroux. Jennifer Aniston is getting ready to marry her screenwriter fiancé, Justin Theroux, and it must be the real deal because Jennifer has decided to take on Justin’s last name after they wed! This will be Jen’s second wedding, and some are left wondering why she didn’t take Brad Pitt’s last name after they got married. The intimate Theroux wedding will most likely take place after Jennifer is done filming her latest movie. Why else does the last name Theroux appeal to Jennifer?

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux 1

The Horrible Bosses actress is keen on the name change because she likes the way it rolls of the tongue, according to reports.‘She likes the way it sounds and jokes that Jennifer Theroux sounds very posh,’ a source told People magazine. It is unclear whether Jennifer will take the name both personally and professionally or whether she will continue to go under the name Aniston in her work projects. Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Will Change Her Name to Jennifer Theroux

Jennifer Aniston cuts her hair

She’s known for keeping the same hairstyle for many years at a time, and now it seems Jennifer Aniston has unveiled the style we’re going to be looking at until about 2016.  After toying around with a couple of trims, Jennifer has finally taken the plunge and cut her hair to shoulder length.

The cut itself is nothing radical, just a simple bob, but from Jennifer we’ll take anything we can get, as she’s so loathe to change it at all.  More than a few people have pointed out that with the new style, Jen is quickly heading into Barbra Streisand territory.  She tends to dress older, anyway, so her clothing choices aren’t really helping with those comparisons.

Ashton Kutcher wants to date Jennifer Aniston

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Ashton Kutcher used to be a high school student, and apparently his computer screensaver was rotating photos of his celebrity crush, Jennifer Aniston.  Ashton bet one of his friends $1,000 that he would one day have a date with Jennifer – and now he intends to win that bet.

It nearly happened once before, back when Jennifer and Brad were still a thing and Ashton was still up-and-coming.  He asked Brad Pitt for permission to ask Jennifer out, and Brad was totally cool about it and played along.  Unfortunately, Jennifer turned Ashton down on that occasion, but he says he still holds out hope that one day he’ll win the bet.

Jennifer Aniston had a low-key birthday

When Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday last year in Cabo San Lucas with all her Hollywood friends, it made people wonder what she would do this year for her 42nd that would be even bigger and bolder.

Well, as it turns out, Jen decided to play it more laid-back this year, with a simple dinner at a restaurant in New York.  Of course, the Hollywood friends were still in attendance – Adam Sandlar, Chris Rock, and Hugh Jackman all attended with dates.  The group was given a private room in the back of the restaurant, and according to witnesses, they had a fantastic time.

Bieber’s movie gives real films a run for their money

Okay, maybe calling an Adam Sandler movie a “real film” is stretching things a little, but you’d still expect it to do better than anything a pop star put out in the same week.  Nonetheless, Valentine’s Day weekend was rocked by Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, a concert documentary that opened at theatres nationwide over the weekend.  Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston did manage to cling to the number one spot at the box office with Just Go with It, but only by a margin of less than a million dollars, which in Hollywood terms is nothing.  Justin’s documentary is set to become one of the most-watched documentaries of all time.  That’s where our culture has ended up, people.

Jennifer Aniston not adopting

Rumors have been circulating that Friends star Jennifer Aniston is planning on adopting a baby from Mexico, but she told Ellen DeGeneres that it’s simply not true.  During the interview, which will air on the Thursday episode of Ellen’s show, Jennifer laughs about the rumors and says that she has no plans to adopt any children… at least not right now.

Jennifer joked that she didn’t understand why the press was focused on her when her Just Go with It co-star, Adam Sandler adopted four Mexican children and nobody said anything about it.  It’s jokes like that, that show why Jennifer’s comedy career has gone the way it has.