Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

We all need a good laugh sometimes and Bette Midler singing some of the most ridiculous tweets from Kim Kardashian will do that for you this morning! Bette Midler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week and she sang a few of Kim’s crazy tweets, which is too funny not to share! Check out Bette Midler on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below!


I will still question how some of these “celebrities” have so many followers on social media sites. I mean, do you really need to know or care about some of the things they tweet out???

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The Bachelor Faces Jimmy Kimmel: Video

Commitment-challenged Bachelor Jason Mesnick’s appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel riled Jimmy up! Jason, the first single-dad Bachelor, did a switcheroo last night on the finale of the show. He pissed off fans of the reality show- including Jimmy, by proposing to Melissa Rycroft… only to dump her for the other finalist, Molly Malaney. Of course, fans had been warned SOMETHING was up in the heavily rotated trailers for the show.

Following the finale, viewers learned on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose (!) that Jason couldn’t get Molly out of his head. Melissa didn’t take it very well. Molly and Jason are now sortof together. Blerg.

Kimmel schools Jason in the ways of women, after the Batch said Melissa would probably still be his friend. Heh. Jimmy assures him that “No she won’t!” What a stunt. There will probably be more of this shizz from these three (four if you count the kid) for those of you attempting to forget about the DOOM on the other channels.