Justin Bieber Pays A Visit To Selena Gomez’s House

Justin Bieber pays a visit to Selena Gomez’s house. Justin Bieber reportedly visited ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s house on Wednesday. The Biebs’ chauffeur-driven party van was spotted parked in the driveway at the Spring Breakers actress’ place in Los Angeles. The 19-year-old pop star dropped by around 3:30 p.m and stayed for about an hour, according to multiple outlets.


They are said to have left her home separately, and so far no photographs of the two together have surfaced. Bieber is in the midst of a legal situation with his neighbor in nearby Calabasas, having been accused of battery. “The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a bad person,” he told Us Weekly explaining his recent antics like walking around shirtless, complaints from neighbors and fainting on stage. Continue reading Justin Bieber Pays A Visit To Selena Gomez’s House

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Breakup Is Tough Says Mom Pattie, Video

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup is tough says mom Pattie, video below. Justin Biebers mom Pattie Mallette appeared on Thursday’s Today Show, where she opened up about letting her son make mistakes and whether there’s hope for a reconciliation between him and Selena Gomez.

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

Mallette said “it’s tough letting go” and allowing her son to “make the mistakes that [he needs to make]” now that the pop star is 18 and able to make his own decisions. Bieber’s mom also seemed to shoot down rumors this week that she was urging him to get back together with Gomez. Asked if she hopes the couple will reconcile, Mallette shared, “I just try and support whatever he’s wanting.”

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Selena Gomez Doctor Visit After Justin Bieber Hook Up at AMAs

The alleged reconciliation between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was briefly interrupted Monday morning when Gomez rushed off to a Los Angeles’ doctor’s office. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly spent the evening together after the American Music Awards. The morning after, Selena Gomez was reportedly not feeling so hot and decided to get checked out by a doctor. Fear not, Selena Gomez fans, the lovely lady is reportedly going to be just fine.

Sources close to Selena Gomez reportedly told TMZ.com she has been suffering from a sore throat and was worried she might have contracted strep. According to the tabloid site, Selena’s stepfather has been sick and she is concerned she might have caught something.

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Selena Gomez Still Hospitalized After Falling Ill During Tonight Show Appearance

Teen star Selena Gomez remains hospitalized after she became ill during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday night. Gomez, 18, was rushed to the hospital complaining of a severe headache and nausea. The young starlet reportedly said she was feeling “horrible” during and after the show.

Selena Gomez, Source: Wikimedia.org

“Last nigth after Selena’s appearance on The Tonight Show she wasn’t feeling well and was taken to the hospital,” a representative for Gomez told CNN on Friday. “She is currently undergoing routine tests.” No further information was released about her current condition, but she is still reportedly at the Los Angeles hospital.

Teen idol Justin Bieber posted a simple message on his Twitter feed on Friday to express his concern over Selena Gomez’s illness: #getwellselena. The two were recently photographed by paparazzi kissing and playing around during a vacation in Hawaii. A twitpic posted by a fan (@AdorableJelena) on Twitter shows a shirtless Justin cuddling Selena and giving her a foot rub.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Source: AdorableJelena - http://twitpic.com/photos/AdorableJelena

Selena Gomez was appearing on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie Monte Carlo. Another appearance on Friday to promote the film at a mall in Santa Monica, CA was cancelled.