Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin Custody Battle Over Dancing With the Stars?

Jon Gosselin apparently thinks his ex-wife Kate Gosselin is spending too much time on her Dancing With the Stars gig and not enough with their kids. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is reportedly preparing to ask a judge to grant him primary custody of their children.

Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)
Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)

Jon Gosselin’s lawyer, Anthony F. List, told his client is ready to petition for primary custody of his eight children with ex-wife Kate Gosselin. List called her an “absentee mom” who does not spend enough “quality time with the 8 kids.” Gosselin allegedly plans to use his ex-wife’s gig on Dancing With the Stars as evidence that she is ignoring their children in favor of her career.

Jon Gosselin also may ask for spousal and child support from Kate Gosselin, a reverse of the judge’s previous ruling. List said it was “ridiculous” for Jon Gosselin to be paying his ex-wife $20,000 a month for child support when she is allegedly not spending any time with the kids.

Any way you slice it, it’s really the kids here that are getting screwed. It’s either “absentee” mom or girlfriend-hopping, unemployed dad. Neither seems all that fabulous of a choice in our opinion.

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