Kate Gosselin Twitter Talk With Jon Gosselin Ex Hailey Glassman

One can’t help but wonder exactly what Jon Gosselin ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was thinking when she post a Tweet to the Kate Gosselin Twitter feed on Sunday asking for a recipe. Frankly, had I been Kate Gosselin, I think I would have had something not too polite to say in response to such audacity. The former Kate Plus 8 reality TV star, however, was just as sweet as pie when she Tweeted back.

“Hey @kateplysmy8 can you share the recipe for the Monkey Munch. It’s so yummy, my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did,” Hailey Glassman posted on her Twitter feed Sunday.

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Kate Gosselin Rejects Jon Gosselin Advice to Get a Normal Life

Despite advice from ex-husband Jon Gosselin to get “back to a normal life,” Kate Gosselin says the cancellation of her reality show, Kate Plus 8, won’t keep her off TV. In an interview with Matt Laeur on Today, Kate Gosselin said she plans on “continuing in TV as a way to provide for my kids.”

When Kate Gosselin learned that TLC had cancelled Kate Plus 8, she told People that she was “freaking out” about how she would support her eight kids. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin, speaking to RumorFix.com, suggested she focus on getting “back to a normal life — a simple life,” expressing his opinion that “reality TV is not a career.”

Kate Gosselin totally dismissed her ex-husband’s advice. “Jon may be acceptive of mediocre for his kids,” she told Matt Laeur. “I want the best for my kids.” So, well, apparently if you are not having cameras following around your children and surrounding them with nannies and ‘handlers’ while you jet off for publicity appearances, you are giving your children only a “mediocre” life.

According to Kate Gosselin, her fans are simply “devastated” that they won’t get to watch her whine about how difficult everything in the universe is while flipping around her chemically abused blond hair and yelling at her eight kids and endless assistant/nannies/children wranglers.

Kate Gosselin hinted big time that she would be quite willing to sign on to another reality TV show. “If the right thing came along, I think we all are still in agreeance with it. I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point,” she said.

Meanwhile, poor Kate is beside herself about how she’ll keep up the lavish lifestyle and crazed traveling to which she has become accustomed. “There’s also fear because this has been, although maybe not my career, has been the start essentially of my career and my job and the way I’ve been providing for my kids for six years. And so, you know, it is a little scary,” she said.

Jon Gosselin Glad Kate Plus 8 Cancelled – Kate Gosselin Scared

Jon Gosselin, ex-husband to Kate Gosselin and father of the Gosselin horde, is glad TLC has cancelled Kate Plus 8, the reality show featuring his ex-wife and children.  Jon Gosselin says he is “very relieved” that his eight kids will no longer be in front of the cameras.

“I hope they can have more private family moments,” Jon Gosselin told RadarOnline.com.  “I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future.” Gosselin said he learned of the Kate Plus 8 cancellation news from a press release.

Kate Gosselin, meanwhile, is not at all happy about having Kate Plus 8 cancelled. Not long ago, Kate Gosselin had been gushing about how it would be cool to see the show follow her eight children all the way through high school.

On her Twitter feed, Kate Gosselin expressed her concern about supporting her eight kids financially with the show cancelled. “One mom and 8 kids = scary!!!! But I’ll make it happen.. Lotsa prayer and hard work as always.” Gosselin told one follower: “I plan on staying on tv 🙂 but if I have to to provide for my 8 lovelies, of course!”

“I wish I didn’t have to say it was so, my faithful followers,” Kate Gosselin told her fans of the cancellation on Twitter. “Thx for adventuring with us for SIX years! We love you!”

Jon Gosselin, who shares joint custody with ex-wife Kate Gosselin of the couple’s eight children, told RadarOnline.com he hopes the show being cancelled will lead Kate to ‘dedicate more time to the kids.’ Gosselin is currently living in a Pennsyvania apartment near his ex-wife and children with his girlfriend, Ellen Ross.

Kate Gosselin has expressed that she is ready to start dating again too, but so far doesn’t seem to have any takers…

‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ to Become Just ‘Kate Plus 8’

It’s finally official. Starting in November, the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be renamed and refocused as Kate Plus 8. TLC announced the change on Tuesday, saying the show will switch to focus on Kate Gosselin‘s role as a single mother to her 8 children.


Ratings for the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 have continued to drop since Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their impending divorce and started whining endlessly about each other in the press ad nauseum. More and more on the show, Jon Gosselin has rapidly vanished from the picture.

But despite rumors Jon & Kate Plus 8 would soon be facing cancellation, the network announced on Tuesday it would instead be retooling the show to draw in the ‘single mom’ audience. “It’s not a huge shift, but it’s reflective of where the show was already going,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill said in a press statement. O’Neill also dismissed rumors Kate Gosselin had posted a message on her Facebook page speculating the series would soon go off the air. As we guessed earlier, the message was a fake.

Jon Gosselin will reportedly still be appearing occasionally on the show, but it will be less often. Less often would be pretty much almost never considering how little he’s been on it recently anyway.

Kate Gosselin Jon & Kate Plus 8 Facebook Message Fake?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin allegedly posted a message on her Facebook account this week bemoaning the probable cancellation of the TLC reality show due to failing ratings. Problem is, the Facebook message heard round the Net might not be from Kate Gosselin at all.


As reported by tabloid sites across the web, Kate Gosselin reportedly posted on her Facebook page: “With ratings falling, this might be the last season of Jon & Kate Plus 8. I’m not sure yet.” However, further research has revealed the Kate Gosselin Facebook page may be a fake. According to Radar Online, an unnamed friend of Gosselin says the reality TV star doesn’t even have a Facebook page.

Actually, there are at least a full dozen Facebook accounts claiming to be Kate Gosselin. Obviously it isn’t hard to make a Facebook page claiming to be any celebrity. While Kate Gosselin does have a “fan” page on Facebook that she appears to occassionally post too, none of the other Facebook accounts under her name are verified as belonging to her.

Granted, the ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 have indeed taken a nosedive since the divorce drama between Jon and Kate Gosselin went public. Plus, Kate Gosselin is already reportedly working on a new talk show targeted to moms. On the other hand, Kate Gosselin is quite aware TLC is currently her sugar-daddy and we think it’s pretty unlikely she’d say anything potentially negative about Jon & Kate Plus 8 – especially in such an informal way as a Facebook post.

So we’re calling this rumor as a fake until and unless Kate Gosselin fesses up to making the statement.

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