Britney Has The Hots For Another Dude On Her Payroll

Britney Spears has apparently fallen for another of her staff members, this one’s a bodyguard, and a former Israeli soldier. The 26-year-old singer, battling to jumpstart her career and personal life, is reportedly dating the guard named Lee.

So Lee is the flavor of the week, and is the fourth member of Brit-Brit’s staff dated by the popwreck. Lee’s worked full-time for Brit for the past six months. He’s has been spending his days off by her side and has now even started sleeping under the same roof at her LA home. A source tells The Sun

Britney and Lee hit it off immediately. He is her perfect type. She loves guys who work out and he is in great shape from his days serving in the Israeli Army.He also has a few tattoos, which she loves. They’ve spent so much time together that one thing led to another and their relationship became physical. They are in Mexico together. They’ve been having a great time — Lee’s put a smile on her face.

American-born Lee was the mystery man snapped earlier this week dancing with Britney at the side of her Mexico hotel swimming pool. He’s probably helped put Britney through her paces as she’s battled to lose the cheeto belly.

Snarkista guesses a bodyguard IS a step up from jailer Sam Lufti, who looks like a greased pig, or superpapz Adnan Ghalib who we PROBABLY haven’t heard the last of. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the rumored sex tape between Adnan and Brit materializes, if Britney doesn’t let him back into her life after Papa is removed as her conservator.

When that happens, which could be soon, it will be a huge IF for Britney. When she has control of her assets and her life again, don’t think for a second that the leaches and the swarms of papz won’t come storming back in. It’s just a matter of when. Keeping Lee around, with his Israeli army experience, may be a smart move for Brit. She’s gonna need someone who’s not afraid to kick a bunch of ass and ruin a bunch of names.

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Britney Spears Just Got Some More Free Time

Probably not the kind of free time she was wanting. OK magazine and others are reporting that Britney Spears has ended her battle to win back custody of her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, from ex hubby Kevin Federline. Brit-Brit is gonna avoid a messy trial that was scheduled for next month, and would probably not be great PR for the new album she’s “working on” right now. By “working on” Snarkista means Britney goes into the studio and farts around while other people figure out how to get her attention for a bit.

L.A. County court commissioner Scott M. Gordon stripped Spears of custody of her two young sons, ordering her to hand the children over to Kevin on Wednesday at 12 p.m. In an eight-sentence decision, Gordon did not say why he took the action or say how long Spears would be denied custody. But two weeks ago, he said there was evidence that Spears was “a habitual, frequent and continuous” user of drugs and alcohol.

Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan says both Britney and Kevin reached and signed off on a settlement in their custody case last night.
Kaplan announced:

At about 8 p.m. PT, a final settlement in the Kevin Federline-Britney Spears custody case was signed. All parties have agreed to the following: Kevin will retain sole legal and physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James. Britney will continue to have visitation rights which may increase over time. The agreement will be presented to the court in the morning for approval by the commissioner Kaplan adds, Kevin is ecstatic and the boys are thriving.

Snarkista bets Madonna is ecstatic too, ‘cuz now Britney’s got 2 less reasons to stay home from Madge’s Sticky and Sweet tour. Tater Tot and Small Fry hopefully won’t see any Youtubes of mommy on the big screen!

Britney is still under the legal conservatorship of Papa Spears. Her visitation privileges with the kids were severely restricted following her hospitalization in January, when she went batshit crazy. Britney has monitored visitation with her sons two days a week and one overnight.

Hopefully she won’t go out and get knocked up by one of the papz! She’s reportedly jealous of little sis Jamie Lynn, as Brit has always wanted a little girl. Britney may have watched Jamie Lynn’s Reproduction Rap too many times! Papa Spears needs to slip a little pill in her daily frapp, ‘cuz Britney preggers, with raging hormones, sounds like a major nightmare.