Katy Perry Slams Lady Gaga Alejandro Video

Katy Perry is slamming Lady Gaga over the eclectic star’s new “Alejandro” music video. The “Alejandro video features Lady Gaga performing in a latex nun’s habit with the image of a cross plastered over her groin.

Lady Gaga in "Alejandro" video (YouTube)
Lady Gaga in 'Alejandro' video (YouTube)

Katy Perry, whose parents are Christian pastors, apparently takes issue with Lady Gaga’s use of religious imagery in the “Alejandro” video. In the video, Lady Gaga also sucks and deep throats a string of rosary beads before being stripped and humped by a bunch of half-naked men.

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke,” Perry Tweeted to her fans on Tuesday. Well, we know plenty of guys out there who are quite fond of fart jokes actually.

Plus, this criticism comes from a woman who just released a video for “California Gurls” in which frosting jets from her breasts. That may not be blasphemous in a religious sense, but it certainly violates all the covenants of good taste.

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