Gotti film just scored a huge star

As if it weren’t cool enough that Lindsay Lohan was going to get to be in a film with John Travolta, the movie biography of John Gotti has just cast an even bigger star: Al Pacino.  Pacino is slated to take on the role of Neil Dellacroce, a colleague of Gotti’s who had many ties to the Gambino crime family.

Although this means that Pacino is not in one of the lead roles, Dellacroce is still an important figure in Gotti’s life, so hopefully this means mare than a little screen time for Pacino.  He has tended toward overacting in recent projects, but he’s still one of the finest actors out there for my money, and I’d pay to see any movie he’s in, even if it does have Lindsay Lohan in it.

Lindsay Lohan may weasel out of jail time again

I don’t think there’s a court in the land that can make a jail sentence stick to Lindsay Lohan.  She was recently sentenced to 120 days for breaking her probation, but since the charge is a misdemeanor, non-violent offense, the typical way the county probation department deals with such cases is home arrest.

In other words, the most likely outcome is that Lindsay will get an ankle monitor and serve out her 120 days at home.  In addition, she has to do some community service, which she has already started, but part of it is at the county morgue, so at least there’s something resembling punishment in her punishment.

Lindsay Lohan sees an Oscar in her future

They say you should dream big, but Lindsay Lohan may be on another planet as far as her dreams are concerned.  This week on Jay Leno, Lindsay come off as sincere and repentant when talking about her legal woes, and that definitely won the audience over, but she seemed to be a little bit in la-la land when Jay asked her what sort of vision she has for herself at age 30.

Lindsay told Jay that she’d like to be on The Tonight Show again, but this time after having won an Academy Award. This got a strong positive reaction for the audience, but in order for it to come true, she actually has to be in some movies first, and in order for that to happen, she has to try to stay out of jail for more than a couple of months at a time.  Good luck with all that.

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120 days

In a surprise ruling, Judge Stephanie Sautner has decided that Lindsay Lohan did in fact steal the now-infamous necklace from a jewelry store in Los Angeles, and that she used her friend as an accomplice to help distract the sales associate.

It was ruled that the crime was a misdemeanor rather than a felony, but in a shocking twist, Judge Sautner decided to send Lindsay to county jail for 120 days for violating her probation. In addition to jail time, Lindsay also has to do 480 hours of community service.  She will be spending most of that time at a women’s shelter in Los Angeles, which the judge said will educate her on how lower-income women live.

Marilyn Manson may turn to acting

Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Lohan starring in a movie together?  Sure, why not, especially considering it’s a film about homicidal lunatics.  Marilyn has approached the producers of an upcoming film about the Charles Manson family murders, as he thinks he would be a perfect candidate for the role of Tex Watson, one of Charles Manson’s assistants.

The producers have already been talking to Lindsay Lohan about taking on the role of Sharon Tate, and apparently they also love the idea of Marilyn as Tex… if they decide to move forward with the casting decision, talks could begin as early as next week.

Sam Ronson injured in accident

Lindsay Lohan‘s ex, Samantha Ronson, was injured in an accident over the weekend when her bicycle was involved in a near miss with a car.  Ronson was riding home in the early hours of Saturday morning, when a driver who apparently didn’t see her zoomed toward her bicycle.

Ronson swerved out of the way to avoid the car, and ended up crashing face first into the pavement.  She’s okay, but she did have to have a few stitches, and she canceled a a show the following day so she could recover.  No word on what she was doing riding a bicycle in the middle of the night.

Lindsay Lohan still employable

Just when you thought you’d never have to see another film with Lindsay Lohan in it, along comes Victoria Gotti to say that she wants Lindsay Lohan to play her in the upcoming film about John Gotti’s life.  Lindsay is currently the frontrunner for the role, beating out Hollywood A-listers like Blake Lively and Sienna Miller, and frankly, she does have the perfect look to play Gotti’s daughter.

If all goes as planned, John Travolta will be starring in the movie, which should make it at least halfway interesting to watch, and if Lindsay can stay out of legal trouble long enough to film her scenes, this movie might actually happen for her.