Mel Gibson’s mistress says he’s not racist

Violet Kowal, who spent some sexy time with Mel Gibson while he was with Oksana Grigorieva, claims that Mel is not racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, or any other kind of hateful person.  Kowal’s argument is that while Mel may have said some unfortunate things that made their way to the press, in person he has always been a kind and tolerant person, and she has never heard him make derogatory comments about anyone.

Mel, of course, agrees – in a recent interview, he admitted to having said some racist things, but claims that it was just a low moment in his life, and not representative who who he really is.

Hangover 2 role being passed around

Remember the Mel Gibson role in Hangover 2 that was taken from him and given to Liam Neeson?  The cast of the film refused to work with Gibson, but it seems like Neeson hasn’t really worked out, either.  The director of the film wasn’t happy with the way Neeson’s scenes turned out, but the actor was not available for a reshoot because he’s now busy filming another project.

So the role had to be given to another actor… Nick Cassavetes.  If this doesn’t work out, then who knows who will get it next – Javier Bardem is a bit young, but he could make it work in a pinch.

Mel Gibson’s plea deal

Mel Gibson has had more than a year to wait to find out what was going to happen in his battery case with Oksana Grigorieva, and now it seems the wait is over.  Prosecutors have offered a plea deal with a reduced charge (battery rather than corporal injury), and mandatory counseling without any jail time.  In other words, he’s basically getting no punishment at all.

Mel is reportedly glad about the plea deal, as he claimed he was worried about the effects a lengthy trial might have on his children.  I can’t imagine the effects of a trial would be any worse than the effects of having an abusive rageaholic bigot for a father, but hey.

Mel Gibson will be charged, Oksana will not

It seems the D.A. is finally coming to a decision about what to do with Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, and it looks like both of them will get off easy.  There’s not really enough evidence to charge Oksana with extortion, even though she’s known to have demanded money from him in order to destroy taped evidence of his violent ways.

Mel, on the other hand, will most likely be charged with domestic violence, but only at the misdemeanor level – this means that at most he’ll serve six months in county jail, and probably the judge will reduce it to probation.  So basically nothing bad is going to happen to either Mel or Oksana… I say put them in a room together and let them claw at each other.

Piers Morgan tries to slam Madonna, fails

Poor Piers Morgan, whose stint as the new-and-diluted fake Larry King got off to a tepid start this week, has launched a pathetic attempt to make himself seem cool and powerful by banning Madonna from his show.  Stating that Madonna was “too vegan” to be of much interest to his television viewing audience, he said that he’d prefer to stick to people who are more relevant and current, such as Mel Gibson, Barack Obama, or Lindsay Lohan.

Considering how far from the cutting edge Morgan’s interview with Oprah was, perhaps he shouldn’t start banning people and trying to act like he’s all that until he’s established some sort of reputation as the superstar host he seems to think he is.  In fact, Madonna got the last word when she was asked what she thought about being banned by Piers Morgan – her rep simply replied, “Madonna doesn’t know who Piers Morgan is.”  Ouch.

Oksana won’t shut up despite judge ordering her to

The judge who is presiding over Oksana and Mel’s court case specifically ordered her not to speak to the press about the issues between her and Mel, but Oksana politely ignored that order and booked a slot on Larry King Live anyway.

During her interview with Larry King, Oksana talked about a million and one things she shouldn’t have, including Mel’s chronic verbal and physical abuse against her, her new, revised explanation about her motivations for taping Mel, and details of the alleged beating that took place in January.  Many of the things Oksana said in the interview directly contradicted things she said earlier in the year, and I’m sure her lawyers are freaking out about it.  In addition, it’ll be interesting to see what the judge has to say about her violating the gag order.

Bill Clinton to up the celebrity ante for Hangover 2

This movie is becoming the most talked about film in ages in terms of who’s in, who’s out, and so forth.  The latest star to film a cameo for the comedy sequel?  Former President Bill Clinton, who flew all the way to Thailand so that he could shoot his scenes last weekend.  This may be the exact boost the movie needed so that people can finally let go of the Mel Gibson thing, since Gibson got fired from his cameo after the whole Oksanagate thing became a huge deal.

This is now shaping up to be a pretty great flick, what with the cast from the first Hangover, plus Liam Neeson and now Clinton.  It’ll be interesting to see if they try to get any other big names to come in and film cameos, though I think it doesn’t really get much bigger than having a former US President in the credits