Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Tops ‘Paranormal Activity’ at Weekend Box Office

The Michael Jackson documentary This Is it took over at number one in the weekend box office, pushing low-budget horror hit Paranormal Activity down to the number two spot.


This Is It landed at number one at the box office over the weekend, raking in a domestic total of $21.3 million. The film has so far garnered over $101 million worldwide since its release five days ago.

Low-budget horror darling Paranormal Activity slipped to number two in the box office over the weekend, raking in $16.5 million, for a total of $84.8 million overall. Not too shabby for a film reportedly filmed for somewhere around $15,000 and purchased for only $300,000 by Paramount. In contrast, Sony Pictures paid $60 million for the film rights to This Is It.

Sony has announced it will extend the theatrical run for This Is It for an additional three weeks in the U.S. and one to three weeks overseas.

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Michael Jackson ‘This Is It Song’ Actually Co-Written by Paul Anka

Just as Michael Jackson‘s new posthumous single “This Is It” was set to be released on the late singer’s website, singer/songwriter Paul Anka was threatening to sue Jackson’s estate. Turns out the new Michael Jackson song was actually recorded 18 years ago by Paul Anka, who co-wrote the song with Jackson in back in the 80’s under the title “I Never Heard.”

Michael Jackson Song

The late pop icon’s estate capitulated immediately when the scandal erupted over the origin of the new single from the upcoming Michael Jackson This Is It documentary movie. Administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate released a statement that Paul Anka would receive 50 percent of the copyright for “This Is It” – a coup that could reap millions for Anka.

Paul Anka told TMZ.com that he and Jackson did the song together for inclusion on Anka’s 1983 album Walk A Fine Line, but the song was later dropped. Anka says Michael Jackson stole the master tapes of the song from him. Later, Anka said he gave the song to a Latin singer named Sa-Fire.

The revelation of the song’s past is an embarrassing blow to Sony Music. The company has widely promoted the “This Is It” single as a previously unrecorded, original song by Michael Jackson. The Jackson estate will also suffer badly for their mistake, losing out on a hefty chunk of change that now belongs to Paul Anka.

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Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Song Debuts Online Monday

The headline track from the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It will debut online Monday. “This Is It,” the first single from the upcoming documentary soundtrack will be released Monday on MichaelJackson.com.

Michael Jackson Song

A two-disc set featuring songs performed in the Michael Jackson documentary film This Is It will be released on October 27. The Michael Jackson movie This Is It premieres on October 28 and runs for two weeks. Tickets for the film are pretty much sold out across the board. The songs on the soundtrack will be in the same order they play in the film.

The documentary film features tons of footage from Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his planned comeback London tour. Jackson died on June 25 at his Los Angeles home from a drug overdose.

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Michael Jackson Funeral Postponed, Movie Moved Up

The date for Michael Jackson‘s funeral has been pushed back to September 3rd, the Jackson family has announced. Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, leaked the news earlier this week that the burial was scheduled to be held on what would have been the pop icon’s 51st birthday, August 29th.


Initially the Jackson family confirmed the funeral for Michael Jackson would take place on August 19th. Then it was rumored the date had changed to August 31. The family released an official statement on Friday saying the service would be pushed back to September 3rd. No reason was given for the move. Michael Jackson’s body will be interred at Glendale, California’s exclusive Lawn Memorial Park Great Mausoleum.

Meanwhile, the release of the Michael Jackson movie documentary This Is It has been moved up to October 28. The film, which features footage of Jackson rehearsing for his London comeback tour, will play in theaters for a limited run of two weeks. Tickets for the movie go on sale September 27.

As for the date on which people will actually let Michael Jackson finally rest in peace, we estimate that to be sometime between never and a snowball’s chance in hell.