Michael Jackson Trial Live Stream: Dr. Conrad Murray Girlfriends to Testify

Testimony continued in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial on Monday. An emergency room doctor who attempted to resuscitate Jackson testified that Dr. Conrad Murray did not inform hospital staff he had been dosing the pop star with the surgical sedative propofol for months before his death. Tune in to watch the Michael Jackson trial live stream below for the latest updates.

In addition to the testimony of emergency room personnel, prosecutors are expected to call three of Dr. Conrad Murray’s girlfriends to the stand soon. One of Murray’s girlfriends, Sade Andig, testified in January that she was on the phone with Murray at the time Michael Jackson allegedly stopped breathing.

“I didn’t hear him on the phone anymore,” Anding said during her previous testimony. “I heard commotion as if the phone was in a pocket and I heard coughing and I heard a mumbling of voices.”

Another of Murray’s girlfriends, Bridgette Morgan, will reportedly testify that she spoke to him by phone just 30 minutes before Michael Jackson died. Nicole Alvarez, another of Murray’s girlfriends and the mother of his youngest child, will also reportedly testify. She is expected to tell jurors about the propofal used by Murray on Michael Jackson, which she claims was shipped to her address.

Michael Jackson Trial Live Stream Video

Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, which prosecutors claim was administered by Dr. Conrad Murray. Murray’s legal team claims Michael Jackson injected the dangerous sedative into himself without Murray’s knowledge.

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Continues With ER Doctor Testimony

The Dr. Conrad Murray trial continued on Monday with testimony from ER doctor Richelle Cooper about pop superstar Michael Jackson‘s death. Cooper testified in court on Friday that Dr. Conrad Murray never told hospital staff he had given Michael Jackson a dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol before the singer went into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Richelle Cooper testifying at Dr. Conrad Murray trial

Dr. Richelle Cooper, who was part of the team that attempted to resuscitate Michael Jackso at the Ronald Reagon UCLA Medical Center, said Murray only told her he had given Jackson two small doses of the sedative lorazepam. She said that Murray made no mention that he had been dosing Michael Jackson with propofol for several months to help him sleep.

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According to her testimony, Dr. Cooper claims she gave paramedics permission to declare Michael Jackson dead at his mansion, but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted the singer be taken to the hospital for additional resuscitation efforts. A paramedic at the scene previously testified they believed Jackson was dead for at least 20 minutes before emergency personnel arrived on scene.

When Michael Jackson arrived at UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Cooper said her “assesment when he arrived was that he was clinically dead.”

The legal team for Dr. Conrad Murray claims Michael Jackson injected himself with the large dose of propofol that killed him. Murray has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Murray could receive four years in prison if he is convicted.

Michael Jackson Doctor Not Guilty Plea Spurs Outrage from Jackson Family

The family of Michael Jackson is outraged by Dr. Conrad Murray‘s not guilty plea to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop superstar. Murray pled not guilty to the charge he caused Michael Jackson’s death in court on Monday.

Michael Jackson (White House Photo Office)
Michael Jackson (White House Photo Office)

“He’s lying. He’s guilty. Nobody was there but him,” Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, said at a press conference following Dr. Conrad Murray’s arraignment on Monday. “He’s just trying to save his own behind… He killed him.”

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served as Michael Jackson’s personal physician before his death, faces up to four years in prison if convicted on the charge of involuntary manslaughter in the singer’s death. He was released after arraignment on $75,000 bail.

Both sister La Toya Jackson and father Joe Jackson have stated they think Dr. Conrad Murray wasn’t the only guilty party involved in Michael Jackson’s death, although the entire family believes he was the primary hand behind the singer’s demise and should have faced heftier charges. Joe Jackson, in particular, has hinted repeatedly that some of the blame should fall on those pushing Michael Jackson to commit to a grueling schedule for the ‘This Is It’ tour.

“There’s other people, I think, involved with this whole thing,” Joe Jackson said on CNN’s Larry King Live. “He was afraid to even do all of these shows [in his planned tour], because he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a chance to finish all of the shows,” Joe Jackson said. “He couldn’t do all those shows back-to-back. Even his kids say that he had told them that he would be murdered.”

Dr. Conrad Murray (YouTube screenshot)
Dr. Conrad Murray (YouTube screenshot)

Michael was murdered, and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan,” La Toya Jackson said in a press statement. “There are other individuals involved, and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served.”

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Michael Jackson Death Certificate Lists Homicide as Cause of Death

A copy of the Michael Jackson death certificate released online lists the late pop icon’s cause of death as “homicide” by acute Propofol intoxication through “intravenous injection by another.” The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has confirmed the Michael Jackson death certificate published online is authentic.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly completed their investigation into the death of Michael Jackson. No charges have yet been filed against anyone, but rumors are circulating Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, is in the line of fire. Murray has admitted to administering the powerful anesthetic Propofol to the singer shortly before his death, but claims he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Michael Jackson Death Certificate - Click for larger version
Michael Jackson Death Certificate - Click for larger version

Dr. Conrad Murray has hired Britney Spears‘ former lawyer J. Michael Flanagan to defend him against any charges that may stem from the Michael Jackson death investigation. Flanagan successfully defended a nurse accused of killing a patient with Propofol in a previous case.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said at this time “no decision has been made and nothing has been filed” in the case. However, several tabloid sources have claimed insiders report manslaughter charges against Murray are expected within the next several weeks.

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Dr. Conrad Murray Facing Manslaughter Charge in Michael Jackson Death Investigation

Dr. Conrad Murray, who allegedly gave Michael Jackson the cocktail of prescription medications that led to his death, may face manslaughter charges. The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly completed their investigation into Michael Jackson’s death and will be handing over the results to the District Attorney shortly.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, who served as Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has admitted to dosing the late pop icon with the powerful anesthetic drug Propofol. Jackson’s death was attributed to a lethal dose of Propofol, combined with a cocktail of other prescription medications.

Conrad MurrayMurray claims he did nothing wrong in administering prescription medications to Jackson and indeed, he may not have technically broken any laws. The D.A., however, reportedly intends to pursue charges of involuntary manslaughter against Murray due to negligence.

Dr. Conrad Murray continues to practice medicine in Texas. We just have to wonder, how insane are people willing to receive medical treatment from a man with this kind of history, facing criminal charges for killing someone? We wouldn’t get near him if he was the last doctor on Earth!

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Murdered – Michael Jackson Death Ruled a Homicide

The death of Michael Jackson has been ruled a homicide, the Los Angeles County coroner has concluded. Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is currently the target of a manslaughter investigation in the case. Could Dr. Murray now be facing at least second degree murder charges? It’s doubtful the good doctor actually wanted to murder Michael Jackson, but certainly he had to be aware he was treading on very dangerous ground with all the powerful drugs he was pumping into him.


Michael Jackson was murdered. That’s the latest from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office on Monday, according to an unidentified police official who reportedly leaked information to the Associated Press.

Michael Jackson allegedly died from a combination of the powerful anesthetic propofol and at least two other sedatives administered just hours before his death, according to the Los Angeles Times. Court documents unsealed in Houston on Monday stated Michael Jackson had “lethal levels” of propofol in his system at the time of his death.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who was working as Michael Jackson’s personal physician, has admitted to police he gave the singer propofol before his collapse. According to court documents, Murray said he gave 50 milligrams of propofol to Michael Jackson almost every night to help him sleep, along with doses of other sedatives. Murray stated he had been treating Michael Jackson for about six weeks for insomnia. Propofol is an extremely powerful sedative normally only administered in hospitals to patients hooked up to heart and breathing monitors.

The official results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy have not yet been released. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office has issued a statement to the press saying they currently “have no comment on the story that is circulating.”

Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray to Be Charged With Manslaughter

Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Doctor Conrad Murray, will be charged with manslaughter in connection with the pop star’s death. Law enforcement officials told FoxNews.com on Wednesday that Dr. Conrad Murray will be arrested and charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks.


Dr. Conrad Murray has been a person of interest to police authorities since Michael Jackson’s death on June 25. Murray has been accused of dosing the singer with the powerful anesthetic propofol hours before Michael Jackson’s death. Police have raided Murray’s home and businesses with warrants to collect evidence and medical records connected to his treatment of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray posted a video on YouTube on Tuesday thanking his friends and supporters. A spokesperson for Murray says he created the video for his friends and family because he is afraid to use e-mail or return phone calls due to death threats he has received.

* Update: The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reportedly told AccessHollywood.com that no chargers are currently pending against Dr. Conrad Murray. The District Attorney’s office claims the FoxNews.com report saying Murray would shortly be charged with manslaughter in connection with Michael Jackson’s death is “completely and totally false.”