Miley Cyrus sings her own song on karaoke machine

Taking a much-needed break from her heavy partying and experiments with salvia, pop star Miley Cyrus decided to spend a quiet Christmas with her family in Tennessee.  Her 10-year-old sister, Noah, received a karaoke machine for Christmas, and it didn’t take long before Miley was invited to try it out.

According to older sister Brandi Cyrus’ Twitter, Noah and Miley broke into a jubilant rendition of Miley’s hit single “Can’t Be Tamed,” much to the amusement and delight of the rest of the family.  Apparently the girls spent Christmas Day was spent with their mom, Tish, but dad Billy Ray is also in town so that he can spend some time with the children, as well.

Miley Cyrus gets legally high

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, and this weekend a video surfaced of the pop star smoking and apparently enjoying salvia, which triggered a huge reaction both from those who want the currently legal drug banned, and those who really, really want to try it.

Salvia dealers across the state of California (where Miley was when she smoked the salvia) have reported huge increases in people coming in and asking for “what Miley had,” but at the same time politicians who have tried to get the plant banned in California have said the video (which shows Miley giggling and talking nonsense) is a good example of why salvia should be classed in the same category as dangerous drugs like LSD.  Because, you know, anything that allows people to have that much harmless fun should definitely be against the law.

Taylor Swift gets on her high horse for Miley Cyrus

While Taylor Swift does have a pretty clean image, I’ve never really thought of her as particularly puritanical or morally self-righteous.  However, Taylor took a little jab at birthday girl Miley Cyrus on Twitter this week, when she reminded Miley that “you’re 18, not 21. Just remember that.”  Yikes, that’s pretty parental, especially coming from someone who’s a relative stranger.

Taylor’s comment was apparently in response to some photos circulating around the internet, showing Miley doing some pretty over-21 things with an unnamed man at one of her many birthday parties.  Taylor may have just been dishing out some friendly advice on how Miley could salvage her already tarnished reputation, but you have to admit, it did come across as kind of bitchy.

Miley Cyrus reveals plans for her 18th

Miley Cyrus will be officially legal on November 23rd, and she’s already planning out how she wants to spend her birthday.  She says that she’s not interested in having a crazy girls’ weekend or anything like that, she just wants to spend time hanging out with her family somewhere quiet and relaxing, and maybe a fun PG-rated party.

She mentioned that she loves scuba diving and beaches, so maybe some tropical locale is on the cards… but it will be interesting to see whether mom Tish comes along for family time, or whether she’ll stay behind with her boy toy Bret Michaels.  I can’t see them all having a happy time together – I suppose it’s not out of the question for Miley to have separate birthday time with each of her parents.

Bret Michaels is a homewrecker

It seems that the impending divorce of Miley Cyrus‘ parents wasn’t just about them growing apart – it was triggered directly because Tish Cyrus was cheating on Billy Ray with none other than Bret Michaels.

Both Cyrus and Michaels have officially denied the affair, but we’ve certainly seen more vehement false denials in the past (“I did not have sex with that woman!”).  At least an affair would make sense, as the Cyrus’ marriage seemed to be a happy one until very recently (presumably when Billy Ray found out what was going on).  Friends and sources have said that Billy Ray was completely in the dark about the whole thing, and now he’s seeking custody of all three of the Cyrus children.

Miley Cyrus gets back together with her ex-boyfriend

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but perhaps Hollywood is more like a pond where you keep running into the same fish over and over.  Miley Cyrus claimed back in August that things were over between her and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, but over the weekend they were spotted together doing some pretty standard couple activities like having lunch together, running errands, and hanging out at Cyrus’ home.

Friends have said that the couple are definitely on again, and judging from all the time they’re spending together, it seems the rumors have some truth to them.  Cyrus has said in the past that she felt she would always have a strong bond with Hemsworth regardless of their romantic situation, and it looks like that strong bond has pulled them back together again.

Perez Hilton Advertiser Ditches After Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo Controversy

ABC has pulled advertising for The View from after gossip blogger Perez Hilton sparked outrage by posting a Miley Cyrus upskirt photo that appeared to show the 17-year-old not wearing underwear.

Perez Hilton (Photo: Tyler Curtis - Wikimedia Commons)
Perez Hilton (Photo: Tyler Curtis - Wikimedia Commons)

Perez Hilton posted the Miley Cyrus upskirt photo on his Twitter feed, warning his fans not to click on the link to the photo if they were “easily offended.” The image showed Miley Cyrus awkwardly exiting a car with her legs spread and seemingly not wearing panties.

Because Miley Cyrus is underage, the photo sparked outrage from many who claimed Perez Hilton was guilty of peddling ‘child porn’ by posting the photo. Hilton shot back with a video response on his website saying Miley Cyrus would be a “moron” for not wearing underwear and he would not be stupid enough to post a photo showing her private parts. He claims other photos taken at the same time clearly show she was not going commando under her short skirt.

Perez Hilton did, however, remove the photograph. Unfortunately for Hilton, the whole thing had already apparently gotten too out of hand for at least one of his advertising sponsors, according to

ABC reportedly pulled advertisements for The View on in the wake of the Miley Cyrus upskirt photo controversy. ABC has not commented so far on the ad pull.

MTV Networks, another of Perez Hilton’s sponsors, doesn’t seem fazed so far over the child porn accusations against Hilton. Their advertisements on for the new TV Land show Hot in Cleveland are still running.

Last, but not least, in what can only be considered a huge suck-up move, Perez Hilton posted a glowing mention of Miley Cyrus’ new single “Liberty Walk” on his website on Wednesday morning. So lame.

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