Miss Teen Louisiana USA Is REALLY Dumb; Loses Crown

File this one under Stupid Criminals, Dumb Blondes, or More Proof There’s Crazy Juice In Louisiana’s Water Supply. Miss Louisiana Teen USA Lindsey Evans reportedly skipped out on a restaurant bill this past weekend, and has consequently been stripped of her title. Her pageant is part of Donald Trump’s Miss USA organization, which has seen it’s share of scandalous title holders. Maybe it’s because there’s no talent competition! Unlike the Miss America organization, these girls are basically selected on hotness.

Lindsey was out with a group of friends eating at a Shreveport restaurant, and ran up a bill worth a whopping $46.07. The girls decided to “dine and dash”, and didn’t pay the bill. Let’s see…assuming a “group of friends” means at least 2 other people, that would add up to $15.35 each. Oh, that DEFINITELY was worth it.

Lindsey brilliantly left her purse there, and went back to get it. The waiter had already gone through it to see who skipped the tab. The police were waiting for Lindsey when she returned. The cops ALSO found marijuana in her purse. Needless to say, 18-year-old Lindsey has been “relieved of her duties as Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 effective immediately,” and was arrested. No juvie for you, Lindsey. Just one of the perks of being an adult.

Lindsey had a whopping 10 days left of her reign, and was to hand over her crown next weekend. She’s already been replaced on the pageant website with BRUNETTE Michelle Berthelot, Miss Louisiana USA, who will crown the NEW Miss Louisiana Teen USA Halloween weekend. Lindsey will be stuck trying to explain her crimes on future college and job applications.

Britney Spears and her clan call Louisiana home too, and their friends and family have proven that SOMETHING in Kentwood makes celebs do stupid things. Is it a statewide problem? Maybe the EPA should check it out.

Miss USA Trips AGAIN At Miss Universe Pageant

WTF is the problem with the Miss USA pageant coach bitches? For the second year in a row Miss USA fell during the Miss Universe pageant, held last night in Vietnam. This year it was Miss USA Crystle Stewart who tripped on her evening gown and fell right on her ass. You know those anal tinks chewed her UP when she got backstage. Crystle managed to make it into the final ten, but the GORGEOUS Miss Venezuela won.

LAST year it was Miss USA Rachel Smith who fell in Mexico City. Donald Trump, owner of the whole franchise, probably has somebody wetting their pants in his boardroom right now. Here’s Crystle tripping away from the win.

And HERE is who beat Miss Uncoordinated: Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela