Right Now In Nashville: Mindy McCready Attempts Suicide

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready has had a bad couple of years. She continued her downward spiral Wednesday as she for an apparent attempted suicide. Mindy, whose youthful affair with pitcher Roger Clemens came to light in April, was taken to a Nashville-area hospital to be treated for wounds on her wrists. “We responded to a ’10-63,’ that’s a suicidal person call,” Nashville Police Department spokeswoman Kris Mumford said. “Mindy McCready was at the house.”

McCready was hospitalized in 2005 after swallowing a near-fatal dose of pills, chased with wine. In July she overdosed on drugs and alcohol, which sent her to the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She later checked into rehab. In October, McCready spent 31 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation from a 2004 guilty plea for fraudulently obtaining painkillers.

Somebody please commit Mindy and get her the help she needs. Her public troubles with the law, drugs and alcohol are huge cries for assistance. Albeit of her own doing, her life truly mirrors a country song. It’s one of the saddest ever.

Carrie Underwood Bags A Stork

Oooh, there’s another reason to give a good-natured GRRR to Carrie Underwood today! Seems the country sweetheart is dating Dr. Travis Stork, one of Nashville’s MOST eligible bachelors…and a former “Bachelor” himself in 2006. Travis is finishing his residency at Vanderbilt University, and has been an ER doctor for awhile. His latest television venture calls the ER Doc and his colleagues ‘America’s medical dream team’. His fellow docs include Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Drew Ordon. Their show began in September. MANY a single Nashville girl has had an “emergency” requiring a Vandy ER visit in hopes of being treated by the sweet, handsome Dr. Stork.

There were sightings of the two several weeks ago, but it seems they’ve come out in the open with their relationship. They’ve been spotted out and about several times, and were in New York recently. The Associated Press reports that Stork presented her with a diamond ring on a necklace Monday night, and that Carrie’s given Travis unlimited backstage passes to her shows.

Okay, Underpants, lets try not to mess THIS one up. Travis is a great guy, and isn’t into DIVA. So try to keep your Underpanties out of a wad if things aren’t always PERFECT. Life’s funny that way. Roll with it, and be thankful a guy with so much going for him is smitten with you. Treat him right, or you’ll piss off a whole lot of your demographic in Nashville. ‘Cuz we LOVE our Dr. Feelgood!

Right Now In Nashville: The Titans Tear Up The AFC!

The Tennessee Titans keep winning, and not even the hallowed Peyton Manning could stop the NFL’s ONLY undefeated team! Yes, it’s sweet right now to be a Titans fan. Nashville’s been waiting for the team to be a contender again, and with their 7-0 record…it looks like this may be our year. The Titans, with quarterback Steve Young sidelined, have still managed to trounce all comers. The rivalry with Indianapolis is a big one, and the win may silence those who say the Titans have had a cushy schedule so far.

The Titans (7-0) have won an NFL-best 10 straight regular-season games, matching the second-best streak in franchise history. More importantly, Tennessee grabbed control of the AFC South away from the team that has dominated this division in winning the past five titles! QB Kerry Collins totally outplayed Manning, throwing for 193 yards with no interceptions. Tennessee’s greatest asset this season might be its resourcefulness. The line doesn’t let anybody touch Collins, which at 35 is probably a real good idea. He’s gone five straight games without being sacked. This is his 14th season in the NFL. Sayeth Kerry:

“We’re trying to get where they’ve been,” Collins said. “It was a big step for us tonight I think. We obviously got off to a good start, and to get one more against a division opponent is again real big at this time of year.”

Nashville LOVES Coach Jeff Fisher…he’s a class act, and a successful one at that. Last night he joined legendary coaches Tom Landry and Don Shula as the only NFL coaches to start 7-0 in their 15th season or later. Jeff credited his defense for staying patient against Manning and his team for focusing on the Colts, not its surprising start.

“The season’s still early, and there’s a lot of games left,” Fisher said. “Our focus was on the Colts and trying to prepare … to try to find a way to beat them. That was the commitment that we made this week. We’re not looking ahead. We’ll now look ahead to next weekend. As far as the division and all that stuff’s concerned, we’re just trying to win ballgames right now.”

Just keep it up, guys. We wanna go back to the BIG game again. And this time, we’d like to win!

Right Now In Nashville: Brad Paisley Arrested!

Early Sunday morning, (approximately 3:15 am) country singer Brad Paisley’s private jet was met with uniformed officers when it landed at Nashville International Airport. Officers immediately handcuffed Brad as soon as he got off the plane. The policemen informed Brad they had a warrant for his arrest for involvement in “some serious crimes.” Paisley was heard saying:

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!”

Paisley was cooperative with the officers, and was taken to the back of an unmarked police car. He was then given further explanation of his arrest.

“We have a Mrs. Jewel Murray who has filed several charges against you in the state of Tennessee for excessive lewd acts of noodling,” explained the officer, as Paisley broke into a fit of laugher, realizing this was all a joke. “Noodling? On the guitar?” Paisley asked the officers. “You know what, I am guilty.”

Seems Brad Paisley, country music’s Ashton Kutcher, finally got what he deserved. He’d had a long, prank-filled tour with Jewel and Chuck Wicks. Brad Paisley ran a video introducing Kellie Pickler that featured some photos that had been Photoshoped a bit and a plastic surgeon’s take on the question whether Kellie has had some work done to a particular area of her body. The segment was called “You Be The Judge.” Jack Ingram had to get into a cage they built out of PVC pipe just as he was about to walk onstage and then wheeled him out in the cage with only his microphone and a hacksaw. He had to be freed 2 songs into the set.

Saturday night, Chuck had pranked Brad by stepping onto the stage dripping with maple syrup and covered in feathers. And during Jewel’s set, a large man dressed as a giant condom swung just feet over her head. Brad must have thought he’d kept his “King of the Pranks” title. Not quite. Here’s Jewel talking about the pranks…and what is about to come for Brad. Ha!!

In an effort to humble the “King”, Jewel and her touring crew turned the tables on Brad. Yep, early Sunday morning, when Brad and his crew arrived in Nashville they were greeted by two unmarked police cars, two retired police officers and a night sky filled with flashing blue and white lights. You can watch the footage of Brad’s arrest here! Punked!!

Right Now In Nashville: The Presidential Debate!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the night is finally here. The 2nd of 3 Presidential debates is at Belmont University in Nashville, which is actually in Snarkista’s hood! Secret Service has been around for weeks, we neighbors have been vetted, and Belmont has spiffed up it’s already very nice landscaping.

Sadly for the landscapers, a massive chain-link fence went up all around the debate site this weekend. And it’s not that temporary stuff. These dudes set the posts in CONCRETE. Belmont will be doing a bit of rehab-work after the politicians are gone. Nonetheless, Nashville is thrilled to host such an extremely important event. Belmont University has done a fabulous job of getting ready, and the kids got the day off from school. The countdown has begun. 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. local time. Let’s hope nobody makes a country-music joke.

Right Now In Nashville: Vanderbilt is 5-0?!

Holy gridiron, baby- the Vanderbilt University Commodores pulled out an upset against Auburn today, giving perennially jinxed Vandy a 5-0 record… one that hasn’t been seen since 1943. Yep, it can be tough to be a Vandy fan, but the team really seems to be different this year! I know, I know, shut UP or you’ll jinx ’em again! Seriously. That’s how fans feel EVERY YEAR.

Everyone in Nashville knows to be kind to your Vandy friends during football season. It can be that heartbreaking. The team has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory so many times it is part of Nashville’s DNA.

But Vanderbilt, ranked No. 19, beat No. 13 Auburn 14-13 in a stunner in Nashville. That puts Vanderbilt in FIRST PLACE in the SEC East at 3-0, with wins over South Carolina, Mississippi and now Auburn.

Auburn took a 13-0 lead in the first quarter, but was shut down the rest of the way. Vanderbilt will likely jump to #15 in the rankings. You read that right. I AM gonna shut up now, after saying major Congrats to the Commodores. I’m SURE not gonna get blamed for anything that might go wrong!

Right Now In Nashville: Mindy McCready Going Back In The Slammer

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready is headed back to the big house, for what seems like the zillionth time. 32 year-old Mindy is set to turn herself into authorities Tuesday for violating her probation for prescription drug fraud in June. If you will recall, Mindy only had a few months left on probation, but violated it by FALSIFYING HER COMMUNITY SERVICE report. Braniac. You really need a map to keep up with Mindy’s continuing eff-ups with the law. Her attorney, Lee Offman says:

“In accordance with an agreement we have reached with the district attorney of Williamson County, Tennessee, Ms. McCready will voluntarily surrender to authorities on September 30th to serve a sentence of 60 days. The successful completion of this sentence will satisfy her obligation to the State of Tennessee resulting from her probation violation.”

Mindy herself adds:

“I am working very hard to put all of this behind me as quickly as possible so I can get back to what I like to do most: sing, write songs, and entertain. I would like to thank my fans for their unwavering support as I continue to work on my recovery and to regain custody of my precious son, Zander.”

On the bright side- Mindy’s got PLENTY of fodder for some new country songs.