Katie Perry finds a more welcoming venue for her cleavage

The whole drama of Katie Perry having her cameo cut from Sesame Street has now been balanced out in the universe by an equal and opposite force: the pop star will take part in this year’s Christmas episode of The Simpsons.  But unlike most guests on the show, Perry will not just be lending her vocal talents to an animated version of herself – she will actually be appearing in the flesh.  This special episode of The Simpsons will feature puppets not too dissimilar from those seen on Sesame Street, and the action will be real rather than animated.  Perry will play a character who gets romantically involved with bar owner Moe Syslak.  Apparently the episode was filmed before the PBS incident, so it’s not any kind of retaliatory action, but the timing is still pretty funny.

Katy Perry deemed too hot for children’s television

Katy Perry recently filmed a song segment that was intended to be aired as a cameo appearance on Sesame Street, but it appears that the song has been pulled from the show due to parents’ concerns that the curvy singer’s choice of costume comes across as too sexy for a young audience.  The clip, which features Perry singing a toned-down version of “Hot N Cold,” shows the pop songstress in a sort of strappy corset dress, with satin fabric and plunging “neckline,” revealing more cleavage than parents would have liked to have seen.  In fact, the producers of Sesame Street received so many complaints about the footage after it leaked on YouTube, they yanked the segment entirely.  Because of course, no one will ever see it if it’s only on YouTube.  Seriously, if it’s on the internet, it’s never going away – Perry’s cleavage will be viral legend in a matter of hours.